Five Post Tuesday (365 Day Challenge Catch Up…Boom)

It’s time to play catch up…and I don’t mean the tomato based condiment. I’ve missed a few days of the 365 challenge…so here is my “catch up” post. I’ve opted to not play sneaky and back date any of them. I’m doing that for you. I don’t want to blow your minds.You can read them all at once if you like. Just please make sure you’re thinking about a different day when you read each one. Thanks!

Day 3: What you think your reason for being here is.

Is this like an “existential” prompt? Or is it meant to be literal? Perhaps they are talking about this point of time in life? I suppose it’s up to me.

I am here to help others in similar situations. I’ve gone through some things, and have particular life experiences that allow me to help those in comparable circumstances. Every decision I’ve made in my life has led me to this point, which is good, but it may have been better to arrive here sooner…which is something I can help others achieve. (Please skip Day 6…unless you think you can help.) If you need anything please let me know. I might not be able to help in your situation, but I can sure try.

Existential Crisis
Existential Crisis (Photo credit: livatlantis)

Day 4: How you think your life would change if you achieved your dream.

Hmm. Well, things would get a lot simpler. (I think) My dream would have to be working from home, as a writer of some sort. This would also involve a wife and kids of course. I would be doing what I love…and spending time with the ones I love while I’m doing it. I’m not sure what type of writing it would be yet…but that can come later. So, this means no more 8 to 5. No more worrying about how long I should take for lunch. No more interruptions during my lunch. Well, that’s not true…but they will be welcomed interruptions. No more clocking in and clocking out. No more having someone looking over my shoulder as I work…at least not to make sure that I’m working. Life would be good.

Theodore Wells Pietsch II, working at home, Hi...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia) This is how I envision myself in the future. Except – I can’t draw cars…sorry.

Day 5: Something you would change about the world.

How about some World Peace up in this Piece? Thank you, and good night.

But seriously, All We Need is Love. You know, Love is All We Need.

I know some things are inevitable…but that shouldn’t stop us from at least trying. Look how the world is now, and imagine what things would be like if no one cared. Things are bad, but could be worse…and yet we should all still strive to make them better.

World, Peace, and Universal Flag representing ...
World, Peace, and Universal Flag representing all life on earth. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 6: Something you would like to change about yourself.

Well, I don’t live in a van down by the river…but I do have a little bit of a weight problem. And a teeth problem. And a time management problem. These all stem from a larger thing though, so what’s one thing I would change about myself? I would give myself more self-control. Sure, I gained weight by gaining some level of extra self-control by quitting smoking and drinking…but I also gained it by losing some of my self-control when it comes to soda, candy, tacos, burgers, pizza, ice cream, corn dogs, gravy, spaghetti, cashew chicken, freedom fries (‘Merica), five dollar foot long…meatball, chalupa (I didn’t drop it)…I think you get the picture. I need to see more salads in my future. Salads made with vegetables and fruits…not potatoes and pasta. Maybe egg…yeah, egg salad…and tuna salad. Good thing it’s almost dinner time.

English: Tuna salad Suomi: Tonnikalasalaatti
English: Tuna salad Suomi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Day 7: A show or a movie that has changed you, and how.

I am a fan of movies and would even consider myself a movie buff. Because of this I enjoy nearly every movie I sit down to watch. This is because I keep in mind all the people who came together to help create this or that film. Someone had the idea…then wrote a script. Someone decided they had the vision to make it…and opted to direct. Actors read the script and thought they should be in it. Camera operators, assistants, food service workers, hair and makeup, wardrobe, grips, script supervisors, digital effects, musical score and the list goes on and on and on. Some people take on these jobs just for a paycheck, but not everyone…and not for every film. People work hard, regardless for the reasons. For this I maintain that I enjoy 99% of the movies I see. If you ask me how a movie was…if it wasn’t high caliber I will say “it was okay.” There is still 1% though. This 1% goes fully to a movie that came out about ten years ago. It was a remake of an 80’s television show that I will never claim to be a fan of. That movie was Miami Vice. This is the only movie that I have ever shut off before the ending. I dislike Don Johnson (the actor) even more because of this film. No, he wasn’t in it…but he allowed for it to happen. I’d tell him to go back to where he came from…but he was actually born around this area, and we don’t want that…now do we.

The cast members of Miami Vice (from left to r...
The cast members of Miami Vice (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Don’s on the bottom, wearing all white. Why I don’t like him should make total sense.


Alright, here is what I have in store for the next few days. How about some encouragement to help me stay on track and get through this? Thanks, you guys are the best.

Day 8: Things that make you sad.

Day 9: Things that make you happy.

Day 10: What you think when you hear the words “be yourself”.

Day 11: The worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given.

Day 12: The best advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given.

Day 13: Your favorite quote

Day 14: Write about something you believe in, anything at all

Day 15: A song that makes you cry and why.

Day 16: Someone you trust.

Day 17: Your idol and why you look up to them.

Day 18: Why you made your blog, why you still have it.

Day 19: Your thoughts on your family.

Day 20: What you think makes someone beautiful.

Day 21: Everything you wish for in a significant other.

Day 22: How you judge intelligence.

Day 23: A month/year of your life when you were happiest and why.

Day 24: Your favorite 10 people right now and why.

Day 25: A friend you have lost that you’re better off without/one you wish you had back.

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4 thoughts on “Five Post Tuesday (365 Day Challenge Catch Up…Boom)

  1. I love your responses to all these prompts. You always go in a Direction with them that would not have occurred to me so it’s interesting. And as for day 6, we’re adding more veggies to our menus because of the man of the house having issues so I can share recipes also we should just have you over for dinner again

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