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Fruit of the Loom Offers Multiple Levels of Comfort

Just happen to look up what I posted a year ago. Why would I post this? *sigh* I don’t know – so here it is again.

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Don BroJo

I haven’t given any updates on my cat lately. Here you go.

Hello Mini, I thank you for laying down on my unmentionables. Surly they would’ve floated away otherwise.

Ah, no problem Faddah Bruddah. (She has an accent like she’s a he from Boston) They’re more comfortable than you would think.

I know what else would be comfortable……

You remember that very nice bed I bought for you a few months ago?

Sure I do Faddah Bruddah. It’s in the corner. Nobody puts Mini in the corner.

I can move it for you, if you want…..

That’s okay, Faddah Bruddah. This will suit me just fine. Now go away so I can take my seven hour nap.

I really think you should reconsider….

I said go! Before I rip your face off!

Okay, okay. Goodnight, I mean err, good day.

(I’ve explained this once, but I’ll do it again, just…

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