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In and Out of Faith

Often when I’m sitting in Church, or watching a Church related talk elsewhere, I get the sensation that the speaker is expressing their words directly at me. I have a feeling this happens to everyone in similar situations, whether it’s hearing a song on the radio, watching your favorite television show or listening to some sort of speaker. This happened to me again today when I read the Daily Prompt: In Good Faith.

Describe a memory or encounter in which you considered your faith, religion, spirituality — or lack of — for the first time.

I’ve delved into my finding the Church and getting Baptized many times…so I think I’ll tell you about when I “lost” my Faith.

Faith Happens
Faith Happens (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Or Not.

I was 23-years-old when I moved to New Braunfels, TX. I spent the first six weeks there in a Hotel called the Faust Hotel. It was 2005.

For some reason I had decided to leave out one particular book to read when I packed all of my stuff. This book was The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Not having much to do, or many friends to talk with, I started reading it. I finished within the first week…and was ready to give up Religion all together. This book deals closely with the Catholic Church and more specifically, the Opus Dei.

The Da Vinci Code (film)
The Da Vinci Code (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had already stopped going to Church be then…now I had decided that I didn’t want to associate myself with this Church anymore. All because of a book. (And some extensive research.)

I delved into research towards other Religions. I knew I needed to have something in my life, in the ways of Faith, but didn’t know which. I researched Wikipedia…and even took online “test” to see which Church I should join. I usually came up nil, until I found Deism.

Deism is the belief in a Supreme Being, through reason and rationalization, but nothing else. People who hold these beliefs usually don’t put any merit in the Holy Bible…and argue that “proof of the Creator is within the Creation”.

Thomas Paine; a painting by Auguste Millière (...
Thomas Paine; a painting by Auguste Millière (1880), after an engraving by William Sharp after a portrait by George Romney (1792) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I held these beliefs for six years, often voicing my opinion…especially when asked. I even wore a “God Hates Religion” t-shirt the first time I met the Missionaries.

Ah…the Missionaries. How many times can someone have an encounter that causes them to consider their faith, religion or spirituality?

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11 thoughts on “In and Out of Faith

  1. Nice post! There are many things in life that shake people’s faith. But there are also a lot of moments that build up your beliefs. Those are the best.

    I love DaVinci Code!

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