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The Sleeveless Mormon

BroJo, also known as Brother Jon, also known as Brother Jonathan Hagar, also known as “that one Mormon dude that makes us laugh, cry and sometimes have to use the bathroom” had a predicament this weekend.

English: letterhead of "Brother Jonathan&...
English: letterhead of “Brother Jonathan”, weekly United States publication 1842-62 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Just goes to show how original I am.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day the Mormon Missionaries celebrate what’s called “Suit Season”. The opposite is true for the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day. As you may guess, Missionaries are required to where suits at all times during this “Suit Season”. This isn’t true for all areas, but it is for the one BroJo lives in. When they are not celebrating “Suit Season” they are able to wear short sleeve shirts, slacks and ties when not at Church.

Suit up!
Suit up! (Photo credit: acampos)

The first time BroJo ever noticed a set of Missionaries wearing this get-up he decided that it wasn’t for him. It looked…just a little off. Because of the impending Summer Weather that he can be expecting, BroJo decided against his better judgment and purchased a white, short-sleeved shirt this past Saturday.

Compare the short sleeve to the long sleeve. Who do you trust more?

Early Sunday morning BroJo awoke and proceeded to go about his normal routine. This included the three S’s…shower, shave and…you get the point. With his body clean and face baby smooth we went about the task of ironing his newly acquired shirt. It looked really nice, and fit well too.

A fried egg, sunny side up.
A fried egg, sunny side up. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having completed the necessary tasks for the morning, he proceeded into the kitchen and fixed himself some breakfast. BroJo’s morning feast included juice, toast, sausage links and fried eggs. He sat down in his normal breakfast eating place, cut himself a piece of egg – making sure to go through the yolk and brought the bite up to his mouth. That bite never made it into his mouth. No, it ended up all over the front of his newly purchased short-sleeved, white dress shirt.

At this moment  BroJo knew, without a doubt, that he was never to wear such clothing ever in his life again.

Daily Prompt: Ripped Into the Headlines – Write about something that happened over the weekend as though it’s the top story on your local paper.

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28 thoughts on “The Sleeveless Mormon

  1. Awwww…. You’re human after all!!

    This happens to girls all the time- we have that ‘built in shelf’ thing

    1. Yeah, this actually happens to me quite often…just not with the dress clothes. Almost all of my polo shirts have a stain between the two buttons, right under my chin. Monday one of the missionaries had to point out to me that I had “a little something there”.

    1. Yeah…I’m a guy, that’s got a little bit of a weight problem, so that means every once in a while I tend to sweat…a little. That means the inside of all of the collars, on ALL of my white shirts are forever a light yellow. Gross…

  2. As a mother (read washer woman in residence) I have found that using a little BIZ in the laundry keeps a white shirt white for a very long time… don’t know if it works on egg yolk. I make my guys eat in their pajamas on Sunday mornings. Maybe it was just a sign that you need to take care of BIZness with a little miracle named BIZ!

    1. I’ll have to check this BIZ out. Yeah, I should probably try eating breakfast before hand…but I always forget to. I’m not hungry until I figure out I have enough time to eat.

      1. Hmm, sounds like my breakfasts on Sunday mornings… Biz is really great stuff on all stains on any color. It’s in your laundry aisle at WalMart.

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