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Homecoming, 2014

We’re out in the middle of nowhere. Whose house isn’t important, just as long as they don’t mind tire tracks and bon fires. There’s a large canopy tent set up…this is where the band and food is going to be. It’s mostly finger food, since people will more than likely be grazing all night. What’s on the menu you ask?

  • Fried Chicken Fingers
  • Wheat Thins
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Cheese Cubes (Cheddar, Monterey Jack and Pepper Jack)
  • String Cheese…all the flavors of the, um…Rainbow.
  • Cheese Whiz
  • Cheese Ball (Three or Four different kinds…None with nuts though
    • Honey Roasted Nuts…cause nuts are fine by themselves
  • Cheese Dip (Seven or Eight different varieties)
    • We like our Cheese
      • There might even be Burgers…with Rubber Cheese, On. The. BOTTOM!
  • Something with a lot of garlic in it (Remember to add garlic to something with cheese in it)
  •  Hard Salami
  • Real Fruit Popsicles….and….
  • Bacon (Remember to add bacon to something with cheese in it also)
    • O.M.Gosh…how about Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fried Chicken Fingers? Enjoy.
      • Remember to invite a nurse or paramedic to the party
      Cheese at home
      Cheese at home (Photo credit: htomren)


This is a BYOB (Bring Yo Own Beverage) event. I will provide Coke and Water for those who need it. Along with this there will be a Miller Lite fountain…and pitchers among pitchers of Screwdrivers (Aristocrat…only the best.) I can imagine a variety of beverages will be there, as there will be a variety of people. Cowboys, Bikers, Punk Rockers, Hillbillies, Hippies, City Folk…Young and Old, all walks of life will be accounted for. Everyone will stay in their little groups to start with. This changes after they’ve all had a chance to loosen up…and then the music starts. Music always brings people together.

Party All the Time
Party All the Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We might even invite this guy.

Foot Stompin’ Music. A band known as Honkey Suckle is playing. (If you’re from around here you’re already well acquainted with them…if not, check them out.) The first couple of songs people just stand back and appreciate the music…tapping their feet and bobbing their heads. The Man of Honor (MoH) notices this, runs over and exclaims “Hey, hey! What’s this I see? I thought this was a party. LET’S DANCE!” Oh, wait. Sorry, that’s a scene from Footloose…but it won’t be much different from that, other than him doing some ‘dance’ reminiscent of The Carlton. If you move it (‘It’ being your booty) people will join. The dance area will begin to fill up. I stand back…I do not dance, but I don’t mind watching. (This isn’t about me anyways people!)

Footloose (soundtrack)
Footloose (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The MoH will attempt to join the band with his Ukulele. He won’t even come close to being able to stay up with them. (Better start practicing!)

Good think I didn't use that other pic...
Good thing I didn’t use that other pic…

Oh, you don’t remember which picture I’m talking about? Yeah, this one.

Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect

Dancing, conversation, food grazing and bathroom breaks will commence for the next eight to ten hours. People will come and go…but mostly they will come. Guest who we’ve never met will crash the party, but we don’t mind. The more the merrier. The MoH will drift from group to group; drink in one hand and food in the other, telling stories and reminiscing about days gone by. He will be wearing a different hat each time he does this. Literally. People like to trade him hats for some reason. He doesn’t mind though. (I do…leave my hat alone.)

There will be pictures taken that resemble this one.
There will be pictures taken that resemble this one.

Towards the end of the night, or early in the morning (however you’d like to look at it) we will do all we can to keep him on his feet. Cause, if the MoH sits down…he is done, finished, kaput, thru, ended, over, finito. His words will begin to slur…run-on sentences turning into run-on paragraphs, turning into “What the heck did he just say?” I will sit back and enjoy the show…eating whatever cheese is left over.

People will be unable to get themselves home, so I will take them. This endeavor will end around five or six in the morning. I will check on The MoH to make sure he’s taken care of…which he is, he’s the MoH! A Few people and I decide to clean up a bit. I take down the sign that reads

Welcome Home Russ!

I wad it up and throw it in the trash. Hopefully this is the last time we need to make a sign like that. I then head home for sleep…and maybe a bowl of cereal. (You got to wash all that cheese down with something.)

This celebration will happen. It will happen sometime in March of 2014. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly. You don’t want to be the Jack Hole that misses it, do you?

Daily Prompt: RSVP – Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

Sorry for the two post day…I couldn’t pass up this Daily Prompt.


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9 thoughts on “Homecoming, 2014

  1. I know I shouldn’t like cheese balls, but I totally do. Whenever I see one of those stores that sells boxes of cheese balls, crackers and summer sausages I almost always buy one.

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