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A BroJo Bruddah Beat Down

Certain things happen in a person’s life…

Check that

Certain things happen in a bloggers life that are unexpected, but they shouldn’t be.

I’ve said  time and time again…don’t mess with a person – that has a loyal readership – or is constantly looking for material. Just don’t! But, do people listen? Heck No!

We deal with them everyday. ‘Bully’ isn’t the right word…but it’s not too far away. We meet them at school and at work. Since I’m outta school, and don’t talk about work, I’m going to have to look for a different situation for this type of behavior to arise. I don’t have to look very far though…just towards the good ole family. What better people to give a hard time to than your family? Isn’t that right Bruddah? How are you feeling right now? Did you expect retaliation, or not? You’re smart at times, so this probably isn’t unexpected.

Some people just have to be tearing others down, to make themselves feel better. This happens, like I said before, at work and at school. I do not like this behavior, which is nice for Bruddah. He doesn’t fit in this category. He is just simply a brother…that is the only excuse he needs to make fun of me. Bad for him though, it’s also the only excuse I need for him, likewise.

Here’s what happened.

I wrote a post the other day about the suit he got me. I suppose I may have ribbed him a little about being a self-proclaimed fashionista. (Still don’t know what that word means.)

The suit in question.
The suit in question.

Early, right after my post went up, this picture went up on Facebook…

Why's it got to come to this?
Why’s it got to come to this?

Yeah, I asked dad if he happened to see the picture Bruddah put up of me. He asked…”What…the orange monster?”

Come On!

Throughout the day I noticed people liking it and commenting on it, but it really wasn’t that big of deal. Most of these people know me, and may have even seen me in this get-up, for one reason or another. Then something started to happen. My blogger friends began to like the photo. OH NO! Now they know that I like orange, and the race car #20 (Tony Stewart…at the time of the making of the pants.) and…the Home Depot. (Lowe’s Blows!) The bloggers in question are found here, here, here, here, here and here.

So, now it is payback time. But, how should I go about it? Okay, I got something.

Bruddah is in the National Guard, in fact, he’s training right now to go over to Afghanistan. Being an Army boy he tends to have quite colorful language, and misses a step every once in a while too. One evening he was sitting in a drinking establishment with a woman friend of his. The gentleman next to him apparently had a speech impediment, and it was starting to get on Bruddah’s nerves. After a few minutes Bruddah turned to this gentlemen and said “Eff, there’s 24 letters in the Alphabet…how about using them all!” Too bad this woman friend of his happened to be a teacher.

Does anyone know how many letters in the Alphabet? Yeah…we should all tell him so he can remember.

Hope you’re having a good time Bruddah. Sorry about the story…(don’t mess with me.) 🙂

P.S. Just so I don’t get called out again…when the teacher friend told me this story I said something to the effect of “Yeah, there’s totally 27 letters in the alphabet.” At least I went over.

21 thoughts on “A BroJo Bruddah Beat Down

    1. “A life lived in fear is a life half lived.”

      Just say it! The worst thing that could happen is being publicly humiliated on the internet for the whole world to see . . . forever.

  1. BroJo,
    You look good in a suit AND in pj’s.
    It never stops with brothers does it? It’s brotherspeak for “I love you”.
    Thanks for the shout out bruddah!

  2. Rockin’ the orange my friend, and really some of the letters in the alphabet are overrated and hotheaded and should be taken down a peg or two anyway.

    1. Well, I guess that means it wasn’t meant to be. I know now…that’s got to mean something. (I knew before too…but that’s just not something I think about from day to day.)

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