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If The Suit Fits…

Sometimes you just got to toot your own horn…

For Christmas my Bruddah gifted me a suit. I did not ask for a suit, but it was much appreciated nonetheless. He got this for me cause he knew that I know wear one at least once a week, usually for Church. It’s a nice suit…modern looking and all. (He thinks himself a style fashionista. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds good.) The only problem with this suit is it’s a Slim Fit…and I’m not so slim. Regardless, I’ve been able to wear the suit coat, at least, and look halfway fashionable. (It’s actually the same one I’m wearing in my Gravatar, other there on the left. No, your other left. There you go.)

Suit Coat...weird face. Not so good at the selfie quite yet. I am a dude though, so back off.
Suit Coat…weird face. Not so good at the selfie quite yet. I am a dude though, so back off.

That is…until yesterday.

Yesterday I stepped on the scale and noticed that it was considerably lower than when I received the suit. You see, I had been sick for a little over a week, with a sore throat. Sore throats cause you to not be able to eat as much. I don’t suggest this kind of diet, but it did seem to work. Now all I need to do is watch what I eat closer, and get a little more exercise. If I do these things, perhaps the suit will fit even better than this…

BroJo in a newish suit. Looking like a Boss. Amirite?
BroJo in a newish suit. Looking like a Boss. Amirite?

It’s still a little snug…but I aim to fix that. I also think it’s a little nicer looking than the pinstripe one I have. I hope to work myself up to this though…

English: A. G. Murray, 1901. A. G. Murray is p...
English: A. G. Murray, 1901. A. G. Murray is pictured in a double-breasted suit and tie, with a fob watch on a chain. He is wearing a topcoat over this suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Maybe I should wait for Movember for this one.

Now that’s a sexy little get-up. I do know that I looked good in Church yesterday (to be humble, of course) but it was a little weird to explain the appearance of a new suit.

“Yeah…it was a Christmas present. Didn’t fit until this morning.”

That’s a nice sentence to be able to say. Even nicer when people respond…”Yeah, I noticed!”

15 thoughts on “If The Suit Fits…

  1. Nice suit. I am not really a suit person myself, I have two suits, one for funerals and one for weddings.

    Once I mistakenly wore the funeral suit to a wedding, the bride was running late and when the groom saw me in my funeral suit he burst into tears…I’m joking.

    1. I’m glad you told me you were joking…cause I totally believed you. 🙂

      Yeah…I like to wear one every once in a while. Makes me feel like maybe I don’t live in SW Missouri for a moment or two.

  2. I hate dressing up until I have to. I think you may be the same way. It’s so uncomfortable then you see yourself and it’s like “damn…”

    -I’m trying to write things that make less sense now and are a little jive

  3. I had a roommate who had 14 suits, including a tuxedo. One morning I saw him trying to match one of his ties and suits to a picture in GQ magazine. Personally, I like to dress up, but I’m not a narcissist or anything. Hehehe.

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