I’m Back! (But I’m Not Going Platinum)

A shiny new quarter dime nickle penny to anyone that can guess what this title is referring to. Wait a second, do we even make new pennies anymore? Oh well, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you knew. Good day.

So, I took some time off – for various reasons. I’m Back! Three post in a row…yes! (You can read them Here, Here and Here. It’s like a trilogy…so you know it has to be epic.) I know it’s not necessary for me to explain myself, but I feel compelled anyways.

The first excuse came with the 80’s Music Post. I claimed it was going to take a bit of time and work, and it did, but I could have written other stuffs in the mean time – which leads me to the second excuse.

I was sick. Like, for real, sick. Two of the weekends, during the past three weeks, I spent on the couch…consuming NyQuil, DayQuil, and all manner of other substances that I thought might help. None of them did.  A mere cold turned into a beast after a short few days. I never went to the doctor…because, well, I’m at that age where they may start looking for things in places that I don’t want them to be looking. I still need a couple of years to brace myself for that. But all is good now. I feel great!

DayQuil Sinus Relief
DayQuil Sinus Relief (Photo credit: Wikipedia) It says Non-Drowsy…but it can still MESS YOU UP!

The third excuse has been well documented already. In fact, you can click on the Here, Here and Here above to read all about it.

But, I am back. No rules this time though. No schedule. I will write when I write and post when I post. It will probably be more often…but I’m not regulating myself with any “rules”. How about that?

It’s good to be back. Now…time for a nap.

I guess this snuggle buddy will have to do.
I guess this snuggle buddy will have to do.

9 thoughts on “I’m Back! (But I’m Not Going Platinum)

  1. What were you sick with? I know a good handful of people who are suffering with throat problems, some up to a whole month. You look beaten down in that picture.

    Blogging rules are great in theory. Then I’ll see someone famous with a blog and they only do it once a month and I wonder why I shouldn’t do the same thing. As long as it gets out there eventually, no harm no foul.

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