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I Love To See The Temple…My Journey

I love to see the Temple. I’ll go inside some day. ~ Janice Kapp Perry

This weekend was General Conference weekend. With all of the wonderful talks we were able to hear from our General Authorities and Auxiliary leaders there was a very great feeling of the Spirit all weekend long. This got me thinking about my first Temple trip, and all that happened leading up to it. I’ve decided to share it, all in one place.

The Temple is a wonderful place, but can be very had to go to at times. There are always certain feelings and other outside influences that try to keep you away. Sometimes you just aren’t ready to go. Even going to the Kansas City Temple open house was difficult for me, but I made it. Here is my journey to the Temple, to do my own endowments.

About nine or ten months after being baptized I was being asked, from several different people “so…have you started the Temple preparation classes yet?” To which I would reply “What the heck are you even talking about?” After finally realizing what was going on I set up classes. There are about 7-8 classes, so they take about two months. This was setting me on a course to have a Christmas Temple date.

I wanted it to be a bit more special so I decided to pick a day closer to my birthday instead, which was January 19th. This date didn’t end up working out for me very well. (The First Temple Date.) A couple of weeks after picking this date I realized that it fell on the same weekend as our Missouri Jaycees Year-End Winter Meeting. I needed to be at this meeting for a couple of reasons. First, I was the Local Chapter President for the year, so I needed to be there in support of my Chapter and its members. Secondly, I was the upcoming Missouri State Chaplain, so I had those responsibilities to attend to. (Prayer before meetings and meals)

After realizing that I needed to change my Temple date, I did so to February 2nd. (Second Temple Date.) During all of this my Grandfather was in and out of the Hospital. On January 19th, the day I was supposed to go to the Temple, my mom called me and told me that Grandpa was being sedated…and that she was going to fly out there the next day. I went about my business and headed home the following day…January 20th. When I got home my mom called to tell me that Grandpa had passed. This was the day before my birthday, and the day after his mothers birthday. So, even in death we was considerate of his mom and grandson.

A few days later I learned that the Memorial service would be held on February 2nd…that same as my Temple Date. I called to reschedule, learning that the Temple would be closed for a few weeks…so I ended up choosing March 2nd. (The Third Temple Date.) Now, just before all of this I had started talking with Kessabug…on January 7th. She was “with” me for all of the above situations. That’s what makes her text from that morning so special. On March 2nd, around 6:00 am I received a text that said “I can feel the Spirit from here.” From that point on I had absolutely no reservations or worries about what would happen that day. One of the last text I got from her was “I know your grandfather is watching and is incredibly proud.”

That set me up for one of the most incredible days I’ve ever had.

English: Photo of the , a temple of (LDS Churc...
English: Photo of the , a temple of (LDS Church) in the Greater Kansas City area, at night and during a Thunderstorm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“When you come to the temple you will love your family with a deeper love than you have ever felt before. The temple is about families.” ~ Richard H. Winkel

“I have hallowed this house, which thou hast built, to put my name there for ever; and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.” ~ I Kings 9:3

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