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Two Hundred and Five Days From Now…

…I’m going to finally meet some of the fastest friends I’ve ever made.

It’s finally here – the date and place of Blogger Summit 2013!

Here are the details!

Texas State Capitol, Austin TX
Texas State Capitol, Austin TX (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is going to be a great time, but I’m wondering what we’re all going to do together? Some of Becca’s suggestions included…

Play a game to see who can hold out the longest on checking their blog stats and/or Twitter account. I’m not sure how I would do during this game.

Hip thrust dance party and competition. I forfeit, now where are the nachos?

Duck, duck, Jack (did you think I wasn’t bringing him?) What ever happened to Ace? Did I miss something. Maybe I should bring Mini.

Skype session for the unfortunate but precious souls who will not be able to make it to Austin in non-internet form. I don’t know anything about Skype…how about Google + chat room? What am I saying…I don’t know anything about that either.

“Never have I ever” This isn’t a very good game for those of us that have shifty pasts. Good for everyone else, mind you, but not for us.

Find a fountain and go skinny dipping from the shins down (no pressure) I’m down with this. Maybe I can show off my calf tats at the same time.

Early Halloween costume wearage. I’m not the Halloween type, but if I have too…nope, still not into it. See here.

Texas - Round Rock: Round Rock Donuts
Texas – Round Rock: Round Rock Donuts (Photo credit: wallyg)

These are all good suggestions, how about a few of my own…

Food!! We are going to have to eat, so I say we turn to Man vs Food‘s Adam Richmond. We can start out Saturday with breakfast at Round Rock Donuts. For lunch we could move onto The Salt Lick B.B.Q….and then I say we have Breakfast for dinner at Juan in a Millions. (I ate here the last time I was in the area. Very good.) The thing I miss most about Texas is breakfast tacos – they’re good anytime of the day.

But what are we going to do to work up such an appetite? Disk Golf? Sure. Blog writing party? Maybe. Micro Machine throw down? Absolutely!

And then there’s always 6th street. Since I can’t (and won’t) stop people from drinking I’ll just have to join them as the Blogging Ultimate DD – or…B.U.D.D. I’ll be your BUDD, anytime.

So, what do you say? Ready for Blogger Summit 2013? I know I am. It’s gonna be great.

Check out the original invite posts below.

Time to RSVP for Blogger Summit 2013!

Blogger Summit: Mark Your Calendars

P.S. If it’s a different color than the rest….CLICK ON IT!! Please!

12 thoughts on “Two Hundred and Five Days From Now…

  1. Jon, Ace is still around, but he has severe social anxiety. He also doesn’t approve of men in general, so I am leaving him at home for your sake. Plus, Jack is enough for everyone. Trust me.

    I can’t wait for the food specifically! Mmmm BBQ! Thanks for the write up.

    1. If you watch Man Vs Food you would know that the donuts were made by cutting them out with a five gallon bucket. I want anything that needs to be made using a five gallon bucket.


  2. I’m not one to make plans this far in advance, so I think I’ll decide on or about October 24. It does sound like fun. But real people? Real, live, actual, human (mostly), in-the-flesh people? That’s a pretty big mountain. But since I’m not the only one who can’t play “Never have I ever”, I might join the festivities.

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