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Q & A with Photo-Bio (Say Cheese!!)

Today we head over to Photo-Bio to have an interview in the smallest place possible…a photo booth. I’ve known the author for as long as all of the other interviewees put together. Check it out…and his site. Here, here and here.


Photo-Bio (Aka Matt)

Do you mind if I call you Matt? Anyway, I figured it was about time I interviewed someone I grew up with…not just someone I know. Good think you came along to fill that blogging void. I’d like to introduce you to my readers…but that involves answering some questions. What do you say?


It’s great to hear from you. Of course you can call me by my first name, most people do.  I’d love to answer your questions also, but take my answers along with everything else on the old inter-web. You can’t believe everything you read…

BroJo: Matt, we’ve known each other for almost 20 years now…crazy! How’s life been since High School Graduation?

Matt: 20 years? We can’t be that old can we? Life has been good overall. I went to college, then to graduate school, then got married, decided to have kids later, spent my money on traveling and didn’t save any for kids, then decided to wait even longer to have kids, wondered If we were willing to trade our freedom for kids, watched all of our friends have kids and give up their freedom, then decided to take a break from being a professional counselor to spend time doing my hobbies which means no income and now I don’t have to wonder about kids because I couldn’t support one if I had one.

BroJo: Speaking of High School – some of the best music back then came from the Backstreet Boys (Tell me why!) What kind of stuff are you listening to nowadays?

Matt: Great question, I don’t really have much time to check out new stuff since I spend almost all of my free time enslaved by the melodic shackles of Michael Bolton, Air Supply, and Creed. Anyone who can move past these has my undying respect. In all honesty, I like a variety of music but have been on a folk revival kick as of late.  The Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, and Of Monsters and Men seem to be getting a lot of play. Also I frequently go back to Florence and the Machine. I can’t get enough of her powerful voice.

BroJo: The last time we hung out was at our Ten Year Class Reunion. I was a little (a lot) wasted, so I don’t remember. Did you ever get a haircut?

Matt: AHA! Trick question. Do you mean the hair on my head or my beard? The former gets chopped about every two years purely due to laziness. The latter depends on formal events I must attend. If a wedding comes up, I shave. Usually I grow the beard out a few levels, past the Proud stage, and I hover somewhere between the Amish stage and Walt Whitman. I sense your next question, and no, I have not made it to the Chris Kringle stage.  The remaining body hair may or may not be removed through a calculated and sometimes painful process, but I cannot comment on this here. To learn more you must go to:

You must be 21 years of age or older to view.. (Editor’s Note: I don’t think this is a real site…but try it out anyway.)

BroJo: In Middle School I remember you having to blow your nose, like all the time. Is this still true?

Matt: This question is proof that there is nothing worth remembering or talking about from middle school. It is a horrible time in life, and I think most people agree. I first tried to think of something embarrassing and humiliating to say about you from middle school, but honestly I can’t think of anything.  On the off-chance that you asked this out of concern for my health as an adult, the answer is no. Luckily my body has learned that it doesn’t have to secret 10% of my total body’s water content each day. Also, moving to different areas with less pollen has helped.

BroJo: You shared the same name with someone younger than you in school. I imagine this must be like being known as Russ’s Older Brother…as I was. Was it?

Matt: Actually nobody in our school ever mistook either of us as the other, nor did they refer to him as say “ridiculously good-looking” when they meant me. We were opposite in many ways. He was muscular, I was not. He was in the cool sports like football, and I was in golf. He likely had romantic attachments to girls who reciprocated the sentiment, whereas I went to dances with girls that had just broken up with their boyfriends and wanted to be there with somebody to make them jealous. The police did show up at my house once looking for someone by my name, but it happened to be the other one as the problematic incident required a strength that I obviously did not possess.

BroJo: Photo Booths, huh? What’s next, if you’re ever done…Phone Booths perhaps?

Matt: No.

BroJo: What kind of Super Hero would change inside of a Photo Booth?

Matt: The kind that likes to have pictures taken while changing clothes. Perhaps Professor Perve or maybe The Lewd Lord Newd.  (Actually, Superman was in a photo-booth as we know from Superman III, in 1983)

BroJo: So…what sparked such a great interest in Photo Booths?

Matt: Well I was born in one to start. Not really, but that would be a great story. I guess I’m just drawn to how fun they are and intrigued by their potential. In the modern age of photographic editing, there is something refreshing and beautiful about a still image with a fixed depth that is never tampered with. Especially with chemical-based black and white booths, each strip is unique and no matter how you try, it cannot be exactly the same. There is no copy, no negative. It is one of a kind.

BroJo: What is your favorite ‘pop culture’ Photo Booth? I liked the one from New Girl. “Jess, this is my new home…”

Matt: 1984 wins as the best year for photo-booths, in my opinion. Among other films where booths made an appearance, two of them are tied for my favorite: The Terminator and The Karate Kid. In The Terminator, a character hides successfully then emerges holding a pistol. In The Karate Kid, Daniel and Ali show us what booths are made for – good old-fashioned fun.

BroJo: Where’s the easiest place to find a Photo Booth?

Matt: That depends on if you live in a major city in France or in an unincorporated hamlet in Iceland.  It may be across the country or right down the block. The best place to look for a photo-booth (vintage chemical booths, not low quality mall digital booths) is at

There is a Booth Locator section where you can search for booths near you.

BroJo: What is your opinion about pictures that are taken outside of a Photo Booth?

Matt: There’s a lot I could say, but most of it would be boring and probably inaccurate. I think the ability to take pictures at all is an amazing thing. We can capture moments in time, see family members long after they are gone, be taken to distant places that no longer exist or that we can’t reach. Taking pictures is so easy that everybody is a photographer now. If you are not a technical person, then you can do some touch-ups later in any number of editing programs. All of that is great too. Photo-booths are a dying breed that employs a photographic style which is nearly extinct.  I simply prefer photo-booth pictures because they require a lot of effort on the front end and none afterwards.

BroJo: Fake Biographies, huh? What’s next…a fake Autobiography perhaps?

Matt: Actually, before long there will be a picture or two of me. I too will have a fake name and a fake biography. So, yes, in a way it will be a fake autobiography.

BroJo: What kind of writing have you done other than Fake Bios?

Matt: I’ve written bad poetry, a few short stories, and several research papers for psychology and counseling classes. I’m not a writer.  I have committed recently to writing regular post-cards and letters to friends. Hopefully I can stay disciplined with it.

BroJo: What other hobbies do you have?

Matt: I have too many to have time to enjoy them all.  Some of the big ones are writing, photography, music, travel, and thinking of different ways that I should be exercising.

BroJo: How many girls have turned you down when asked to dance?

Matt: What a cleverly disguised insult this is BroJo. Good for you.  Not only have I never been asked to dance, but I have never been asked anything by a girl who could be construed as romantically suggestive. Luckily for me, I found a woman to marry me without needing to have dancing skills. I dance sometimes, but she usually asks me to stop.


There you go. If you didn’t get a chance to check out his site you can here, here, here, here and here.

Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle, circa 1869
Walt Whitman and Peter Doyle, circa 1869 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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