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Don BroJo

Today we head over to Photo-Bio to have an interview in the smallest place possible…a photo booth. I’ve known the author for as long as all of the other interviewees put together. Check it out…and his site. Here, here and here.


Photo-Bio (Aka Matt)

Do you mind if I call you Matt? Anyway, I figured it was about time I interviewed someone I grew up with…not just someone I know. Good think you came along to fill that blogging void. I’d like to introduce you to my readers…but that involves answering some questions. What do you say?


It’s great to hear from you. Of course you can call me by my first name, most people do.  I’d love to answer your questions also, but take my answers along with everything else on the old inter-web. You can’t believe everything you read…

BroJo: Matt, we’ve known…

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You Know You Want to Say Something...

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