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Vyvy from Vyvacious Eats….Essentially an Interview with Batman

It’s interview time!! This is the part of the post where I introduce who I’m interviewing…I think you can figure it out on your own.


Hello Vyvy (Vyvacious Eats, Aka VE)

How ya doing? Thank you for volunteering for this. So, my list of BFF’s is SO long I’m not sure what else to do…other than just keep adding names to it. Good thing I haven’t got anyone from California yet. This ought to be great. But before I add you to the list I’m going to have to ask you some questions. You feeling up to it? Alright, let’s go!

I’m great, BroJo!  Thanks for asking 🙂  Actually my blog name really is, I just had to go with Vyvacious Eats for some of the social media sites since “vyvacious” was taken 😦

Woo hoo!!  I’m the first Californian, we’re spoiled as shtuff here! 😀

BroJo: Who’s your favorite Bruce Wayne…or is it just Batman all the way?

VE: Batman all the way!!  I just love Batman to death in every aspect.

Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Al...
Batman with his sidekick Robin. Painting by Alex Ross, based on the cover of Batman #9 by Jack Burnley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BroJo: What is the correct way to pronounce California? I think your old Governor had it down pretty tight.

VE: You’re right, The Governator had it down pat.  Instead of saying “California,” I just have a sound bite that is Arnold saying California.  That’s right, I said Arnold.  We’re on first name basis terms.

BroJo: If I were a cake what kind would I be? (I will run away if you make me into a cupcake!)

VE: Why would you run away if I made you into a cupcake?  Because they’re delicious?  And I technically would have to split you into 24 pieces…?  I’m thinking more of a black and white checkerboard cake with you.  Some of the old past mixed with the new, both harmonizing together to create one deliciously awesome masterpiece 🙂

BroJo: In your Gravatar photo your eating something that looks like pasta and fish. What the heck is that, and why are you wearing a poncho?

VE: First of all, I’m wearing a poncho because I’m BADASS like that.  And I’m at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, Roman Cucina.  You can read my Yelp review if you so please 🙂  What I’m eating is a rosa penne pasta with steak milanese.  It was delicious and super filling.  Especially since there was a whole other piece of steak milanese that’s hiding under the top one.  YUM!

BroJo: I was doing research and saw your Cat suit outfit. Is that just for Halloween?

VE: Ooh doing research.  Does that mean you were stalking me?!  How fun! 😀  Halloween, grocery shopping, work, you know…the usual.  Actually I wear my Batman costume quite often and on Halloween night I HAVE to wear my Batman costume too…but I allow myself to switch outfits in they days around Halloween.  So yes, I have multiple costumes.  The one you saw just happened to be a full (p)leather cat suit with kitty ears to boot 😉

BroJo: I think every time I’ve commented on yours or mine post (with you) I’ve mentioned something about Mac N’ Cheese. This isn’t weird, is it? I mean, that stuff is really good!

VE: Not weird to me!!  I always talk about food so it doesn’t phase me.  If you have an (un)healthy obsession with Mac N’ Cheese, who am I to judge?  I’m the one wearing a Batman costume on random days and constantly baking different deserts that I dream up of 😛

365.012 - Mac 'n Cheese
365.012 – Mac ‘n Cheese (Photo credit: nettsu)

BroJo: Speaking of Mac N’ Cheese…do you and your mom always talk about “positions” that openly?

VE: Oh no, absolutely not.  She’s a huge prude.  HUUUGE.  Sucks for her buuut if she ever asks me something, I always answer with the truth, hence my answer to her regarding “buttseks”.  She’s quite traumatized now and it seems she’s learning to filter her questions to me 🙂

BroJo: What’s Batman’s favorite meal? (serving up “justice” doesn’t count)

VE: Damn.  You took the words right out of my mouth, BroJo.  Batman’s favorite meal is buttermilk fried chicken with a side of Mac N’ Cheese, garlic truffle mashed potatoes, and some golden roasted brussels sprouts.  Is that the truth?  NO.  That’s just what I’m craving at this current second.  Batman eats whatever the hell he wants all the time, all day, errday…LIKE A BOSS.  There are no favorites.

BroJo: What’s your opinion of Robin? What kind of super hero is named after a bird anyway?

VE: I personally like a man in tights.  That’s all I’m going to say about it.

BroJo: Why Batman?

VE: So many people have asked me this I’m beginning to think I need to write a post about this.  Let’s just say, my love for Batman started in high school when I first saw a glow-in-the-dark Batman shirt at Target for $4 😛

BroJo: What’s your favorite dish (cook, eat, serve….)?

VE: My favorite dish to make and serve would have to be cupcakes.  I have more confidence when I’m making cupcakes for some reason and I also get to taste test before I give them away whereas when I make a huge ass cake, I just have to cross my fingers and hope it comes out okay.  Fortunately, so far, everyone has loved everything I’ve made.  Phew.

BroJo: Have you ever seen HISHE? (How It Should Have Ended) Check it out on YouTube…(I’m Batman!)

VE: I JUST watched it right now!!!  Hilarious!! 😛  My favorite part was “WORST. DEATH. EVER” – so true.  It was horrid.

BroJo: Is it really sunny and 70 EVERY DAY out there?

VE: Yessir.  Pretty much!  We cry and moan whenever it drops below 70.  I think I wasn’t even wearing a jacket close to Christmas last year because the weather was so nice.  There are patches when it’s cold but it’s more of us impatiently waiting for the weather to get nice again.  I don’t think most Californians enjoy the cold or even slightly cooler weather at all.

BroJo: I’m not very good at Twitter, and always seem to miss out on the Twitter parties. Can you give me a heads up next time?

VE: How am I supposed to give you a heads up?!  Via…Twitter…?  You let me know, my friend, and I’ll do my best to alert you! 😛

Children dressed in Batman & Robin costumes, 1966
Children dressed in Batman & Robin costumes, 1966 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BroJo: I liked The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man better than The Dark Knight Rises. Okay…..go!

VE: My first initial reaction was “WHAAAAAAAAATTTTT” but then I saw you said “better than The Dark Knight Rises” aaand I’m going to have to agree with you here.  At least in terms of The Avengers.  I haven’t seen The Amazing Spider-Man yet.  I could not gush about TDKR as much as I could regarding the other Batman movies.  To be honest, my favorite out of the entire series is the second one, “The Dark Knight Returns”.  Heath Ledger did such an amazing job as the crazy Joker that I believe The Dark Knight Returns can be extremely enjoyable as a standalone movie.  I love people with passion and dedication and Heath was oozing it.  May he rest in peace.

Thank you so much for adding me to your list of BFFs, BroJo!!  I truly appreciate it and had a blast answering all of your fun questions 🙂


I want to thank Vyvy so much for playing along, this was really fun. Up next we will have Jen from Jen and Tonic. After that we may have our first ever non-human interviewee. I’ll make sure to keep you updated.

If you would like to play along let me know in the comments or shoot me an e-mail.

20 thoughts on “Vyvy from Vyvacious Eats….Essentially an Interview with Batman

  1. First thing, Vyvy is Batman and Robin all rolled up in one big slop of macaroni and cheese in my eyes. Second, BroJo! Robin be named after Robin Hood not da birdie! Third, me want go toilet.

    1. First….okay. Second….according to that Jingle Bells song, Robin laid an egg…so there. Third…it’s over there, help your self. Use the same tree I did.

  2. Ahh this was a fun read 🙂 I love peeking in people’s brain haha! Vyvy is supersweet and funny and has a HUGE love for cooking/baking! I absolutely love that!

    1. Thank Alice! These are things are super fun (and only half the work…don’t tell anyone.)

      It was the 90’s music post. Feel the beat of the rhythm of the nineties.

  3. EVERYONE should have an unhealthy obsession with Mac N Cheese. I don’t trust people who don’t like Mac N Cheese.

    I have wondered about Vyvy’s love of Batman, and I’m glad she’ll be writing about it. I totally agreed with what she said about Heath Ledger making that Batman movie so good that it could stand on its own. I probably won’t ever watch another Batman movie just because nobody can ever live up to him.

    Great interview! Cupcakes + Batman + Vyvy = awesomeness!

  4. And those of us who are dairy intolerant? What about us? It is really unfair of you to go on and on about macaroni and cheese like that when some of us have had to give it up, possibly forever.

    well okay, you go ahead and eat it and those of us who can’t will just have to remember what it was like when there was joy in our lives and we could eat cheese.

    don’t feel guilty at all.

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