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Grandpa Went To The Temple With Me

I woke up about ten minutes before the alarms were set to go off on Saturday. I say ‘alarms’ because I had two set. This was an important day and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late. I had a feeling of total calmness when I woke. This led into the rest of the day nicely. I looked over and noticed that my phone was lit up. This meant that I had some sort of message on there…and it was a wonderful one.

Kessabug was up and around before me. I got the usual “Good morning my dear”, along with something about strawberries and cream. I chatted back and forth for a few minutes and she sent “I know your grandfather is watching and so incredibly proud.” This was sweet – a nice thought, but I didn’t really think about it much until a little later on.

I went about my business, showering and shaving. I had just bought brand new shaving cream…a kind that I had never used before. I had it sitting under hot water as I washed. When I finally lathered it up on my face I noticed that the scent was very familiar. It was the same as my grandfather’s cologne or after shave. At first I thought this was just simply…neat. When I started to think about it more I realized that maybe he was right there, getting ready along beside me. A feeling of deep emotion came over me. It passed and I continued to get ready.

It had snowed, again, the night before so my Escort texted and asked me if I wanted him to pick me up. I said that would be great and waited for a few minutes. He arrived and we were off to meet with another Brother that was going to drive us up there. We met him and soon found out that we were going to pick up some Sisters to ride along too. The more the merrier. It actually made for a very nice, entertaining ride up and back.

We arrived to the Kansas City Temple about 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there. This made me so very happy. I love being early – things were off to a good start. We checked in and I, along with my Escort, waited for our ‘Temple Escort’. We met him and he turned out to be a super nice guy (imagine that, right?) I had told him that this was my third time trying to keep an appointment and he gave the typical “Third time is a charm” response. We were off and ready to go.

After a while I finally looked at his name tag. I was taken aback for a few seconds…then I figured out that he was really supposed to be the guy that helped me out today. His first name and middle initial was Thomas E. My grandfather’s first name and middle initial was Thomas E. If this wasn’t the right place for me to be at this moment I don’t know what was. Right then I knew for sure that Grandpa was with me – he had to be.

I kept on thinking about those three signs and the Spirit filled me more and more as the time went on. It was a deeply spiritual experience that I’m excited to be able to do, again and again.

After finishing at The Temple
After finishing at The Temple

After everyone was done we headed on over to Five Guys for some Burgers and Fries. I’ve been dieting for a couple of weeks so this was a wonderful treat for me. They even have those fancy, touch screen soda fountains. Fanta Zero, Yes Please!

We finished eating and were back on the road. We listened to the radio, Pandora, some of my MP3’s and someone elses MP3’s. I think we had just as much fun driving home as we did driving up there. Towards the end of the trip, though, all three passengers in the back seat seemed to have fallen asleep. About this time, which was fairly close to home, my Escort decided to play a different Pandora station. He settled on one that played the likes of Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys and The Pogues. This was another sign. The end of my grandfather’s memorial services included a rendition of Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. If you know these bands – this kind of music – then you know that I heard plenty of bagpipes.

Yes – I’m sure that Grandpa went to the Temple with me.

40 thoughts on “Grandpa Went To The Temple With Me

  1. Wow!! Jon, it sounds like you had an amazing experience. And yes, I’d say your grandfather was there. How wonderful!! It’s cool, right? Each time you go you’ll get more and more from the experience. I’m slow, so I figure it will take me the rest of my mortal life to get things memorized. Haha!
    I’m so happy for you. Now the real work begins. Maybe one day we’ll see each other in the temple, stranger things have happened. πŸ™‚

  2. There’s nothing I can say that would improve on your experience. Congratulations, buddy, and “hang on ’til the end!” You’re worth it.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience with us brother Jon. I’m overjoyed about your experience at the temple and look forward to hearing more stories as you keep going!

  4. Congratulations on taking this important step in your eternal life! I’m glad you had a great experience. The Temple is all about drawing nearer to family who have gone on before us. I had drill this weekend or we would have gone up there with you.

    On a lighter note, I too have heard Amazing Grace played by bagpipes. But my experience with it wasn’t as good as yours. Ask me about it some time.

      1. You have to get to one of the “big” temples, think “old” style, because they have the cafeteria. I like to take the wife to the cafeteria downstairs when we go to the temple. I find it helps to keep the spirit of the experience around just a little bit longer.

        1. Ah….that’s a good idea. The missionaries are from places that have bigger Temples and told me how good the Food was. They liked it when their parents went because they got “Temple Cookies”

        2. I used to serve in the Denver Temple for awhile. The gag of someone ordering a cup of coffee wore thin after awhile.

          1. Never ran into that kind of joke while I was there. I have been to Denver once, but not the cafeteria. I have gone to the Idaho Falls many times. Excited about the shorter drive in my retirement years to the Star Valley Temple instead. Would guess we are getting close to the ground breaking on that one, once the snow melts anyway.

            1. Yay for lotsa more temples! (There were only 40 or 42 when we joined, and we thought we’d be able to visit every temple in the country. Who knew?) When we get enough temples that even us old crippled type folks can just limp out the door and fall into a temple — that day can’t come soon enough for me!

              1. Wife and I committed to go to all of the temples in the world when we got married (less than 35 at the time). We have made it to 35 temples just not all of the ones that that were in existence in 1985. Still got about half of those on the list still, gotta keep trying though. Got some easy ones in the US that we should have gotten already but now I live to far from them. Something to look forward to in retirement I guess.

  5. Our first temple, where Cherie & I received our endowments and were sealed for time and all eternity, was in Denver. Not far from the Denver Temple is a Marie Callendar restaurant. I have since decided that there should be a Marie Callendar near every temple in the world, because those big, warm chicken pot pies are the perfect after-temple dinner. (Burgers? Hah!)

      1. Oh, I’ve had a few of them Five Brudders burgers. But never with a white shirt. I’m just not that neat an eater.

  6. Congrats on going to the Temple. Next time I come to MO I am going to have to get myslef to the Kansas City Temple. I got married in St. Louis, so that’s always been a special place for me. I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog!

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