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An Interview with a Big Phat CREATIVE LIAR!!!

Hey guys! What better way to introduce myself to the new followers then by introducing them to someone else. It’s yet again time for a Celebrity Blogger Interview. Today we have Ericka Clay over at Creative Liar. She’s super talented and super good looking…if you don’t believe me just ask her, she’ll tell you.


Hello Ericka (Creative Liar….aka CL)

How ya been? I hope all is well. In my quest to find more BFF’s I’ve discovered that I haven’t interviewed anyone from your Country. That is, from Texas. I lived in Texas once, it was awesome. I’m sure that’s because you were within the borders also. So, in order to include you on my list of BFF’s I need to get to know you better. Do you mind answering some questions? I’ve noticed that you like to do list that are 21 statements long. I usually send 15 questions, but I’ll try for 21 this time…..a first in Celebrity Blogging Interviews. You feel special, don’t you? (That one doesn’t count!)

BroJo: How many times have you done the “Cut, It, Out” gag in your life?

CL: I’ve only done it on three special occasions: my wedding, the birth of my child and that time I accidentally ate a penny.  I’m just kidding.  It was no accident.

BroJo: Speaking of hairy Aliens, you also like Alf. Do you like to eat cats or something? 

CL: Listen, just because someone accidentally covers a cat in barbecue sauce and accidentally eats it doesn’t mean she actually likes it.  But in my case it was delicious.

BroJo: Would all guys look better if they were to wear Sombreros? 

CL: Everything would look better in a sombrero.  Except a sombrero.  That would just be ridiculous.

Sombreros cordobeses.
Sombreros cordobeses. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

BroJo: You wear Skechers Shape Ups, like for real. You must have really toned……calves. 

CL: You know, I don’t wear them only to tone my….calves.  My main goal is to be taller than a five-year-old and with Skechers Shape Ups, I’m 73% of the way there!

BroJo: You’re about a month younger than my little brother, and more talented than me. This makes me feel old and sad. 

CL: Dad, is that you?

BroJo: Can I get free, signed copies of your books? (I bet you never heard that) Wait…not like that…but, ahh…never mind. 

CL: I actually get asked that all the time.  By my grandmother.

BroJo: Do you still owe your dad that “money”? 

CL: If by “money” you mean trapping an angry drunken wombat in his car for him to unwittingly discover, then consider the debt paid.

BroJo: Are you still Vegan? Just because you don’t eat sandwiches anymore doesn’t mean you can’t make me one.

CL: Yes, I just went back to veganism again, and I have never felt so amazing/starving in my life.  And I would love to make you a sandwich, but my husband doesn’t let me use sharp objects.  Smart man.

BroJo: I was on Le Clown’s Blogroll before you were….HaHaHaHaha (You’re still better looking though.) 

CL: Sure, but did you make a life-sized statue of Le Clown out of butter and put it in your ex’s attic for it to go rancid?  Yeah, that’s what I thought, Jon. (Editor’s Note: Don’t get on Ericka’s bad side…unless you have an ample amount of toast.)

BroJo: I read something about Social Anxiety Disorder. Me Too. High Five? 

CL: I would but then I’d anxiously vomit.

BroJo: Favorite 90’s pop band that includes only brothers? (That’s not leading, is it?) 

CL: HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*(#$@#($*@!($*!@$*#($@*#(  Ahem.

BroJo: I just noticed I have a bag of potato chips. Best day ever. You ever have a similar situation? 

CL: Yes, I found a half chewed piece of gum under my car.  I don’t get out much.

BroJo: Somehow I have more likes on my Facebook page (Brother Jon – 156, oops just went to 158) than you have on yours (Creative Liar – 148) This doesn’t seem right. How can we fix that? 

CL: Tell all your followers to check out where I like to say the f-word and talk incessantly about rabid giraffes.  Don’t forget to tell your grandmothers!

BroJo: My Grandpa wore a fanny pack, mostly because he liked to wear sweat pants that didn’t have pockets. Is this your reasoning too? 

CL: Is there any other?

BroJo: You’re not from Arkansas are you? I’m in Missouri…which is different (maybe better) but about the same. High Five? 

CL: Total high-five.  And yes I’m from Arkansas.  It’s one of the main reasons I refuse to wear shoes in public.  The other seven reasons are because I’m bat shit crazy.

BroJo: Oh man, coming up with 21 things is hard. How do you do it? 

CL: Unicorn dust.  But don’t snort it unless you never want to step foot in North Dakota again.

BroJo: How do you prefer your wine; Cork….screw cap…or in a box? 

CL: Cork.  I like to turn the corks into earrings and guilt various family members into wearing them at holiday functions.  And by family members I mean my husband.

BroJo: How do you like your steak cooked? 

CL: Medium.  That’s also how I like my tofu.

English: Tofu scramble (vegan)
English: Tofu scramble (vegan) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) (Gross!!!)

BroJo: Do you know what a buckeye is? I was once in a bar in New Braunfels, TX and a guy asked me, while watching a college game, because “you’re from Missouri – you should know.” 

CL: I have no idea but if it can be covered in barbecue sauce and meows a little, count me in!

BroJo: What is(are) your favorite book(s)? (Can’t say your own.)

CL: Ugh, fine.  Let’s see, The Year of Magical Thinking, The Glass Castle, A Confederacy of Dunces, Endgame (more of a play than book but whatevs), The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Giver, Bridge to Terabithia, The Bell Jar, Fear of Flying, Forever ( by Pete Hamill), and anything David Sedaris has written, will write or has/will ever even consider writing.  Also, Everybody Poops.

BroJo: Where should I go for Spring Break this year? (If I were still young enough to do such things.) 

CL: Anywhere except my ex’s attic.  I hear it’s a little too buttery this time of year. (Editor’s Note: TOAST!!)


I want to thank Ericka very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I hope you all enjoyed it…and learned something too.

Any one else interested in being interviewed? Just ask in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. It’s listed above.

9 thoughts on “An Interview with a Big Phat CREATIVE LIAR!!!

  1. BroJo,
    My first read of the day. Thank you. Ericka and I go way back, I mean, a few months at least. I am happy to have read this, if only to have learned that she is good looking. And kudos on the creative use of “unicorn dust”.
    Le Clown

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