Wednesday Starts The Weekend!

While you are reading this I am either on the road, headed to the airport…or perhaps on the airplane, headed to the next airport. Either way I am unable to check in with you guys until about 4:00 pm Central Standard Time.


I’m treating this trip as a vacation of sorts. I know there is going to be ups and downs, but by golly I’m going to have fun regardless. I’m hoping to have so much fun that I won’t be able to upload anything for about a week. I’m sorry, but I’m selfish like that. In all honesty you’re lucky to be getting this post.


Either way I will miss you. I will check in, silently. Until next time, keep on keeping on.


SP-LPA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Starts The Weekend!

  1. Have a safe trip Brother Jon and I just read your tags…I am so sorry to hear that. Ups and downs indeed, but I hope the memories will always put more smiles on your face. 🙂


  2. BroJo, have safe travels and we look forward to your return. Thank you again for you kindness of bestowing some “sainthood” on me. I’ll take all I can get. 😉

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