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Marvelous Pigs in Satin

I’ve often wondered what it feels like to drown.

Certainly, the swimmer begins the day hopeful and happy.  The beach is beautiful, the sea is calm.  What fun this will be!  What a perfect place to swim!  The sunlight glints off little waves and everything seems to sparkle.  Out into the water dives our swimmer.  The day is full of promise and she is buoyant in the water.  She swims circles in the sea, thrilling with the feel of the water on her skin, the way she can cup it in her hands or spread her fingers and let it run through.  In the sea she will find joy today.  She bobs along the surface, splashing playfully at the waves.

Suddenly, a larger wave slaps her in the face.  Surprised, she fights her way back to the surface, gasping and sputtering.  Regaining her breath, she looks about herself.  The…

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  1. yeah, i’ve experienced waves like those. i’ve been stuck in rip tides before. it’s no fun. but i’ve also recognized that one painful wave was enough to bring me back to shallow water… and as soon as i realized the current was pulling me away, it was time to swim out and around and get back to solid ground. the key is – get out of the bad situation before it’s painful, at the first indication of danger. that’s what keeps you from drowning. hmmm… reminds me a lot of repentance…

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