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It’s Convention Time

I’ve just sat through my first ever Executive Committee Meeting with the Missouri Jaycees. (At 10:15, Friday night) That’s kinda hard to believe, isn’t it? I’m an Executive Committee member. How did I get here?

I gave the Invocation to begin the meeting. I invoked the Spirit to help us in our endeavors for that meeting, and the rest of the weekend. I think I have two or three more prayers to give this weekend. It’s a pretty great way to spend a weekend, don’t you think?

This weekend is dedicated to a few different things. One is LOTS Training. LOTS stands for Local. Officer. Training. School/Seminar. I’m not an elected officer at the local level this year so I don’t necessarily have any trainings to go through. But, I’m still on the Executive Committee, so I’ve been asked to float around and offer help where needed. Sounds easy enough to me.

This weekend we are also installing all of the 2013 Missouri State Officers. This is pretty exciting for me as the State President is from my home Chapter, along with the new State Vice President. I think I will be officially appointed to the position of State Chaplain also. Three people from our little town – all sitting on the State Team. Wow.

The other thing we will be able to witness is the OYM awards. OYM stands for Outstanding Young Missourian. There will probably be three or four people receiving these awards Saturday night. This is a Black Tie event. Good food and good peeps all around. Saying the Creed after this Banquet is truly amazing.

So, now I am sitting here thinking about what I may do tomorrow. Some of the members from my Home Chapter keep coming in and out of the room, topping off there refreshments. I remember those days. It’s funny how we use the term “refreshments” for drinking, when they leave you anything but refreshed in the morning.

I hope they’re all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. I know I will be.

Are we having fun yet?
Are we having fun yet?

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