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A Back Yard Interview With Glow Worm

You remember how I said David Harding just might be in the top 50 best bloggers in Australia? Well, I could say the same thing about Glow Worm – not Australia though, but…Missouri. And maybe not the top 50 – but up there nonetheless. You see, Glow Worm is a real life friend of mine…like…for reals. I’ve eaten her food, played with her kids (which means I’ve sat on the couch and watched her kids play) and lost to the world’s worst board games imaginable to her. Her husband is my Home Teacher. Her Brother-in-law was in the EQ Presidency with me for a while. I used to watch her brother foul the Bishop during Ward basketball games – all the time. We hang out is all I’m trying to say. Usually the purpose of these interviews is for me to get to know the blogger better, but this one is different. This is for all of you. You see, she’s pretty cool and I want to show you all that. In fact, she’s probably better than me at a lot of things, like writing, cooking, being a mom….you get the picture. So, without further adieu, here is the BroJo/Glow Worm E-mail exchange. (Note: We really didn’t do this in the back yard…or even outside for that matter. Just don’t worry about it.)
Hey Glow Worm,
How’s it going? So, I’ve interviewed some crazy people and gotten some crazy responses lately. The idea was to get people from all corners of the Earth, but I forgot to look in my back yard. What do you say? I think we’re pretty much already BFF’s, so let’s see who else wants to learn a thing or two about you. Here we go!

BroJo: Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Wesley Crusher or Napoleon Dynamite?

GW: Two words: Brown Coat

BroJo: My motto for 2013 is “Mormons Be Pimpin’ Too”. What do you think?

GW: Do I get neon lights for the bottom of my van? If so, then I’m all for it.

BroJo: So, you’re officially a WordPress blogger (in lieu of that weirdo site Blogspot) how do you feel about it?

GW: I was still a worried that I’d made the wrong decision, but one of my Blogspot friends commented on my WordPress site today so I’m happy now.

BroJo: How many loaves of bread can you make out of a 55 gallon drum of flour?

GW: The universal answer to all questions is 42.  Actually, it takes about 1 pound of flour to make a loaf of bread.  I can fit 25 pounds of flour in a 5 gallon bucket, so 55 divided by 5 is 11, and 11 times 25 is 275 pounds of flour so I can make 275 loaves of bread out of a 55 gallon drum of flour.  My family of 8 eats 4 loaves of bread a week so a 55 gallon drum would hold a year’s worth of bread for us with a little left over for birthday cakes and Saturday morning waffles.

BroJo: Are there any Mary Kay products that you think I should be using?

GW: The sunless tanning lotion would compliment your pink mustache perfectly.

BroJo: Speaking of Mary Kay, I hear all of their consultants wear Pink Velour Tracksuits. When was the last time you broke yours out?

GW: You’re just jealous that I have one and you don’t.

BroJo: You claim to love comments…but you are also, self admittedly, bad at returning comments. What say you?

GW: I’m now the comment master, thanks to that little quote bubble on my WordPress tool bar.  Soon I will be the dark queen and all Pressers will tremble before me.

BroJo: I’m an equal opportunity geek/nerd, so I like both, but….Star Wars or Star Trek.

GW: For watching: Star Trek,  For quoting: Star Wars, For watching and quoting: The Princess Bride

BroJo: Who’s better at playing games, board, card, trivia, video…etc. You or the DH? (Which stands for Dear Husband) (The first time I saw the term DH I thought What kind of baseball game they got going on over there?)

GW: Oh, It’s better than baseball…wait, um I got distracted…better at playing games?  Funny you should ask, I decided DH was a keeper the night we played Jeopardy, it was a close game.  He might even have won.   These days, I think I am a more well-rounded player of all kinds of games, but he has me licked at chess type games & trivia.

BroJo: What is your favorite meal…that you don’t have to prepare yourself?

GW: Chinese, especially Mongolian BBQ

BroJo: Do you ever think I’ll ever remember to loan you the movie Pitch Perfect?

GW: I figure the answer to that is to invite you for dinner.

BroJo: So, which TV show is better Cake Boss, Cupcake Wars or Hear Comes Honey Boo Boo?

GW: I’ve only seen Cupcake Wars of the 3, but in any case the answer is Project Runway.

BroJo: What’s your favorite sports? I don’t even know what to ask….teams? Trampoline? Gardening?

GW: I do love to watch the Olympics. I always root for Lithuania and Japan.

BroJo: Alright the question that will end the great debate….whilst eating a hamburger, with cheese, does said cheese go on the bottom or on the top?

GW: mmmm….cheese…do we really have to fight about such a wonderful thing?  I’m a traditionalist, so I put my cheese on the top, but I allow all men the same privilege to place their cheese how, where, or which they may.

BroJo: Nathan Fillion or Wil Wheaton or Jon Heder. (Jon clearly has the best name, and what happened to the other “L” in Wil’s name too? Weird.) 

GW: Maybe the “L” got lost while he was in exile.  I’ll vote Wil Wheaton, but in 5 minutes I might change my mind.  Jon is so good in that movie “Just Like Heaven”  …waffling…nah, Wil Wheaton is more fun.  Besides, sometimes he collates paper.

BroJo: Extra Special Bonus Question!!!! – Who should I interview next?

GW: Iago’s Ghost (He made me type that.)


Well, there you go. I think we all learned something here – but what I’m really wondering is….where is your Towel? And did you notice that the link on here “Husband” is the same as the one directly above us, for Iago’s Ghost? Yep, that’s because it’s the same person. Have you ever heard of Plato? Aristotle? Socrates? Morons! Glow Worm is where it’s at.

Malcolm Reynolds
Malcolm Reynolds (Photo credit: Wikipedia) You’re Welcome.

31 thoughts on “A Back Yard Interview With Glow Worm

  1. WHAT?! There are people that actually consider a different placement for their cheese other than on TOP of the patty? I don’t want to live in this world anymore.

    Other than that. another wonderful interview. Bonus props for mentioning the pink mustache GlowWorm!

  2. People associate with you in real life? I thought all bloggers were antisocial and friendless. Way to break the mold BroJo.

    Is this what people in Mississippi are like? Mongolian Barbecue? How did that get there?

    1. Yeah….I get out every now and again.

      I’m not sure what goes on in Mississippi…but in the classy state of MISSOURI we have all sorts of things, including Mongolian Barbecue. We eat sushi too, and even do so before throwing it on the grill sometimes.

  3. Now the real comment…
    Wahahahahaaaaa! I know you mentioned me again which gets my head bigger but Glowie sounds awesome! I can’t compete! Waaaa! (Unless she wants to do a 3 stooges impersonation smack down. Ask her?)

        1. Sadly, (for me) you would certainly win a 3 stooges impersonation smack down. A regular old smack down, on the other hand, I would win because I have the secret weapon smack down which you cannot trump

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