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Move Over Boys, There’s A New Ginger In Town

It’s time for another Celebrity (Blogger) Interview. This time I’ve gotten a few questions over to Becca @ 25 to Fly. As you would expect she’s didn’t let me down. Have a look at what transpired after hitting the send button on my e-mail.

Hey Becca,

I remember you being oh so happy for David and mines new-found BFF-dom. I hope you weren’t jealous. I’ve decided to try and include new BFF’s from all corners of the Earth, and your corner is starting to look extra special. Either that or I’m just hungry for some yoghurt and free Wi-fi. The thing is, I probably need to get to know you a little better first. What do you say? How about some questions?

BroJo: The other day I said that you proved that gingers do in fact have souls. What’s your opinion on the matter?

Becca: I have gotten plenty of grief for what I am about to tell you, but I wouldn’t try to tell anyone differently. I am not a bred and born ginger. I am genetically blond. But, here is my insight on the matter. Gingers not having souls is a stereotype. Nothing more. Sure, some of them truly are soulless (ie. Chucky, Carrot Top, Nicole Kidman) but let’s not let them ruin it for the other soulful gingers of the world. Or the impostors such as myself.

BroJo: If I created a petition to change the name of Long Johns to Long Jons would you sign it?

Becca: Absolutely. For one, it is shorter and easier to type, which is convenient for me since I type the name quite often. Secondly, it would distinguish the name from that of Long Johns Silver’s, the Vienna sausage of the fast food world. Sorry if you like Long John Silver’s or Vienna sausages.

BroJo: I shaved my beard off, which included my Movember Mustache and all the ginger parts. Do you miss it?

Becca: There is not a beard, mustache, or any facial hair for that matter, that I do not miss once it is gone. Especially if it is ginger-complected. The vicious sounds of a buzzing Norelco are as unnerving to me as nails on a chalkboard. So yes, I miss it.

BroJo: So…when are you going to adopt a cat named King and another named Queen?

Becca: Finally! Someone who gets their names’ significance without me having to wink and nudge and say, “get it?!”. It is funny you should ask, because just last night I had a dream that all kinds of cats kept appearing out from under my bed and there was also an assembly of kittens in my closet. I think it was a sign. Or just a really, really fantastic dream.

BroJo: What are your favorite color of beads? (I don’t have any, just asking. Sheesh.)

Becca: This question should be what are my favorite type of beads. The answer is Mardi Gras beads.

BroJo: Who Dat?.

Becca: Geaux Saints!

BroJo: You like Long Johns, I mean Long Jons right? Have you ever had a onesie pair with that butt flap in the back?

Becca: The proper term you are looking for is the dropseat Long John Jon. I have never owned this particular style of the underwear, simply because I have no use for a butt flap. Infer what you will.

BroJo: Crawfish……..have you ever….uh….sucked the head?

Becca: Awe! Look at that double entendre you went for. You are growing up so fast. To answer the real question, no. I am actually a rather picky crawfish eater. I de-vein them, peel away the fat layers, and then promptly dunk them in a special sauce. Stop laughing at “special sauce”.

BroJo: Have you ever had a Mufuletta? We have a Cajun restaurant here that serves them…I happen to think they’re pretty gross, but what do I know?

Becca: Most of the Cajun restaurants where I live don’t serve them. It is more of a New Orleans thing, I suppose. I personally dislike them, because I don’t care too much for olives unless they are skinny dipping in vodka. When I think of typical Cajun cuisine, I think crawfish, boudin, and rice and gravy..

BroJo: Hey…the next Movember…can I maybe get like a different color of mustache? I don’t mind the pink, but it doesn’t go well with my eyes.

Becca: How do you feel about leopard print?

BroJo: The Legend of Zelda, on NES, is the greatest game of all time, isn’t it? ISN’T IT?

Becca: Agent 47 would assassinate Link before his pointy little ears even heard so much as a footstep. He would put a bullet in his brain and then steal that frilly little green dress right off of his corpse. Did I mention that I also deeply enjoy a nice friendly game of Wii Tennis?

BroJo: You’re funny… who’s your favorite comedian? (Any and all genders included)

Becca: Thank you. I am glad you asked. To name a few off of the top of my head: Demetri Martin, Louis CK, Ellen DeGeneres, Rhys Darby, Kristen Wiig, Seth McFarlane, and Katt Williams. I also think Jeff Dunham is brave for doing what he does, so he is cool in my book.

BroJo: I was doing some research and found that you had once said “cigarette cravings must be pretty similar to blue balls”. It’s not. What brand do you smoke? I always preferred the menthol’s, but I’m kool like that.

Becca: Well thanks for clearing that up for me. I smoke Camel Turkish Silvers, but I am attempting to go for the gold this year and quit.

BroJo: Does Bobby Jindal really talk like that guy from 30 Rock? No, not Tracy Morgan.

Becca: I can’t answer that, because as soon as I saw “Tracy Morgan” I started watching clips of his old SNL character, Brian Fellows, on YouTube. Can we add him to my favorite comedians list too?

BroJo: Who is your favorite character from the show King of the Hill?

Becca: Tough one, but I have to say Bobby. Even with a foot full of gout, he still knows how to get a girl. Plus, his character is a fictional comedian in the making. Let’s add him to the list too.


So, there you have it. I feel the need to clear some things up, but I’m running out of room, so I will just leave it hanging until later. (Becca is very thorough with her answers.) Who knows, maybe I’ll have my first “follow-up” post for an interview. Who do you think I should interview next?


Would you like to watch a real life interview that BroJo did? Just Click here.

la Becca di Montandayne
la Becca di Montandayne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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114 thoughts on “Move Over Boys, There’s A New Ginger In Town

  1. “There is not a beard, mustache, or any facial hair for that matter, that I do not miss once it is gone. Especially if it is ginger-complected. The vicious sounds of a buzzing Norelco are as unnerving to me as nails on a chalkboard.”

    She and I are the same person, I’m convinced.

  2. What a fantastic review. I have to say I love Long John’s Silvers, but I completely understood what she meant when she said it was the vienna sausage of fast food.

  3. Amazing questions, awesome answers. I think we got to the Real Becca. (And liking Jeff Dunham: Oh Becca. I keep saying you’re awesome and keep meaning it more every time!)

    And double entendres make me smile >.<

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