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Disney Stars Don’t YOLO

For this week’s “Whatever Wednesday” I’ve decided to air out a few of my grievances. (Right now I only have two…so maybe I should have said “couple”, but we’ll see.) For the first one I’ll keep it short and sweet.


Why do we need to shorten everything? Do you know what YOLO means? You. Only. Live. Once. I don’t like this. I don’t like this one bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea behind it, but why can’t we just say…you only live once. Are we really saving time here? It reminds me of another acronym that is wrong….BOGO. Buy. One. Get. One. I don’t like this one because IT’S NOT TRUE. This is mostly used for shoes (I think) for a promotion that is for Buy One Pair and Get One Pair….wait for it….HALF OFF!! The acronym should read BOGO HO, but we’re not supposed to talk to ladies that way, are we? (Guys buy shoes too, and equally don’t like being called HO’s…just to clear things up.) Now…

What’s Up With These Disney Kids?

It all started way-back-when with Annette Funicello. I’m sure she grew up okay, and stayed out of trouble….but….she did get made fun of on Full House, by either Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen. They called her Annette Funny Jello. There’s no coming back from that. Then the 90’s came along. I wonder if we’ll see any patterns here?

Christina Aguilera – Diva much?

JC Chasez‘N Sync (No real problems. Famous producer and song writer.)

Ryan Gosling – I got nothing bad to say. Maybe too handsome.

Keri Russell – She did okay. She was pretty BA in Mission Impossible: III

Britney Spears – Five minute wedding to weirdo, shaved head, paparazzi pictures.

Justin Timberlake – Super talented musician, actor, producer….married to Jessica Biel.

Now, onto the more current years.

Miley Cyrus – I’m not sure if I need to add anything here.

Ashley Tisdale – Nose job!!

Demi Lovato – That whole thing about that stuff.

Zac Efron – No complaints here.

Corbin Bleu – I here he’s kind of a sissy.

Selena Gomez – Dumped Justin Bieber!

Lucas Grabeel – He’s from Springfield, MO….so that makes him alright.

Shia LaBeouf – I really like him…but he doesn’t not have problems.

I think this list is ample enough for you to draw your own conclusions. Who are your kids looking up to nowadays? Someone from the list? Someone else?

The main characters of the High School Musical...
High School Musical (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

24 thoughts on “Disney Stars Don’t YOLO

    1. Yeah, I suppose so…don’t cha know. I’ve watched a couple old videos…and he did alright. He’s still a singer but he doesn’t put it out there as much for some reason. I think maybe he’s steely eyes get in the way.

  1. My pet peeve about Disney shows? They all yell at each other during the whole show. I suppose that is supposed to make it more exciting, but it gives me a stress headache. My kids are not allowed to watch iCarly except when I’m gone. The fact that those kids are all going to end up in rehab is just icing on the “NO” cake.

    1. Jim Cunningham? Bodhi? Sam Wheat? Dalton? Johnny Castle? Jed? Darrel Curtis?

      I have to say he is a pretty great Idol! My favorite line from any rap song is “cause I’m ghost like Swayze” Good choice.

  2. My youngest idolizes superheroes and Dr. Who. My oldest doesn’t really idolize anyone, but he loves football, so I suppose those beefy guys. And I’m tired of hearing about all three! 🙂

  3. I think most kids go down bad paths when they’re in the spotlight at such a young age. It’s hard to stay grounded. Even adult actors do crazy stuff. So I can’t really blame them. That’s the life they chose, right? But as for Ryan Gosling, you know he used to be Mormon when he was young, right? 🙂

    1. Yeah. I think it’s weird though. It seems that (from this group of peeps) the guys have been able to stay “normal” but the ladies have strayed a bit. I’d say the dudes are just better at hiding it, maybe. Yep…he was on a list I did a few months back. I wonder how many “sisters” would like to reactivate that guy? 🙂

  4. Christina Aguilera drives me crazy. Not just the diva part, but the hair! Doesn’t she realize her hair looks like straw? My daughter loves watching Disney shows; I hate that she watches them but the alternatives are just as bad. I make sure she also reads and plays with friends, which she would really rather do anyway…particularly the playing with friends thing.

  5. I’ve often wondered what happens to these young Disney stars that turn them from cute, endearing kids into people like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. What is Disney doing to them? Or is it the lifestyle of growing up famous? Who knows, but something’s going wrong there.

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