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Adam Where art thou?

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The Muttering Mormon

Going through the temple recently, I was struck by something in the story of Adam and Eve that never had caught my attention before.  Following Eve’s partaking of the forbidden fruit, and Adam following suit shortly thereafter, both of them become aware of their nakedness and hide from the presence of the Lord.  God searches for them and calls out for Adam, asking “Where art thou?”  (Genesis 3:9).

With the understanding that Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden is symbolic of all of mankind’s separation from God as result of sin, what caught my attention was who moved out on whom.  In all of our lives there are times when we become acutely aware of the distance between us and the Lord, whether as a result of transgressing His laws or through the spiritual atrophy that results from being too apathetic in our devotion.  At such times it…

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