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Mister Saturday Night

That’s who I used to be. Wednesday started the weekend, and Saturday was always the cherry on top. Let’s see if I can explain how and why the weekends played out in the way that they did.

This is what a drunk Brother Jon dressed like. At least there was good looking girls around to distract from it.
This is what a drunk Brother Jon dressed like. At least there were good-looking girls around to distract from it.

I get paid on Thursdays, but it’s direct deposit so my check is usually available to me at around midnight on Wednesdays, and sometimes sooner. If you use your debit card as Credit your money doesn’t necessarily come out right away. If you wait until after 3:00 p.m. it doesn’t go in until the next day anyways, and deposits always go through before debits. You keeping up here? This all means that I could go out on Wednesday nights and pay my tab, with my card, and I was covered because my check would go in first. Wednesday wasn’t really a “drunk” night, just a drinking night.

Thursdays were for partying. Thirsty Thursday. This was the “going out” night. Thursday night Karaoke? Yes. Ladies Night? Yes. Happy Hour all night long? Yes. Calling in sick to work on Friday? Unacceptable. Man up you sissy.

Fridays were for regulars. Some people go out every Friday night, never fail. I was one of those people, along with the many others. This was the “Catch up” night. The night you see the friends that you haven’t seen for one whole week! Kind of like Facebook…but in real life! People actually told jokes, shared stories, poked each other and liked each other’s company….in real time. It was really something else. With no work on Saturdays (usually) Friday was a day to get just totally muffed up. Shots! All Around!!

Saturday nights. Saturdays were a different kind of night. There was Karaoke at the local VFW every Saturday night. (Let me get something straight, I don’t sing. I DID do karaoke…once…from what I was told it was okay. I’m not going to find out again though.) Saturdays started out as a leisurely time. A “nurse the hangover” type of night. A “hair of the dog” type of night. I didn’t drink on Sundays (to start out with) so I figured this was a good night to just wind the week down. That is how the night started; it ended all too differently. You see, the more you drink – the more you don’t care about the coming days. My mind shifted from “wind down” to “Party on Wayne, Party on Garth” in about three drinks. More shots. More fuel for the hangover. More reason to sleep All Day Long on Sunday.

Sundays, for the longest time, were the “sober day” of the week. The “sleep all day” day. I often remember telling people, while being offered drinks or other things, “Not on Sundays”. I stuck by this the best I could. A few times I was told “No, twice on Sundays.” Thank goodness I never listened to that guy, at least not for a while. The last two or three years of my drinking life included regular Pitch games…on Sundays…at the bar. During this time I also shot on pool league on Tuesday nights. This means that if I were to play cards on Sunday I would have drunk every day that week…accept for Monday.

Now, let’s look at what the coming week has to offer. Let’s see how things are different nowadays.

Monday – I have the day off. I’ve used my floating holiday to help procure another four-day weekend. I may do some laundry. I may be called into work. I know that I am going to get some writing done. This night I will be attending a New Years Eve Party/Bon Fire…I think.

Tuesday – This is New Years Day. I also have this day off. I don’t think I will be doing much of anything this day. Probably more writing. I’ve giving myself a schedule that I need to keep up with.

Wednesday – I have a Jaycees meeting this night. The first meeting of the year. I hope to pass the gavel during this meeting.

Thursday – I have a Lodge meeting this night. We will decide when I and two other guys (one being my Bruddah) will be going through our Third Degree work. It’s exciting to go through with Bruddah.

Friday – Game Night! I’m really not as excited as that exclamation point makes me seem. Not that I don’t enjoy it though. These nights are the ones that remind me the most of my old drinking ways. I don’t drink…but I am at my most comfortable during these get-to-gathers.

Saturday – This is our Year-End Awards lunch for the Jaycees. We will be handing out awards, installing new members and officers, and hearing from some great exhausted members of our organization. This will all be over by about 5 or 6 in the evening. I will have studying to do also.

Sunday – Church. Fast Sunday, so we will have the opportunity to hear all sorts of great testimonies from the body of the Ward. January will be my month to conduct the Elder’s Quorum meeting (which is the last hour of our Sunday meetings), and part of these duties include giving the first Sunday lesson, which I will do this day. The lesson will be on Personal and Family goals.

What a difference a year makes. If it weren’t for the Church I wouldn’t be able to set my priorities straight. I wouldn’t be able to put my day to day schedule in perspective. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this out for all of you to read.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. ~ Romans 12: 2


And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order. ~ Mosiah 4: 27

LDS Temple
LDS Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


21 thoughts on “Mister Saturday Night

  1. A wonderful post of growth and faith brother jon! I loved it. A most Happy New Year to you, may it be filled with all good things for you and your family, with affection, Penny xx

  2. Has anyone ever said “I wish I drank and partied more” on their deathbed? That’s what I remind myself. What will I regret not doing. I’ve never really been a partier although I did used to drink 2-3 nights a week for a while. I couldn’t even tell you any reason other than wanting to feel healthy for why I stopped.

    As long as you’re happy, no one is getting hurt, and you’re reaching your full potential people should do what they need to do.

  3. During the height of my drinking days… I was at the bar 7 days a week. Drink in hand, cigarette in the other. While going to school and working full time….

    Hung-over every day…. BLECH.

    I am so glad I got passed all that….

    Congrats on filling your life with good healthy things 🙂

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