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My Last Sunday Post – Mini and Other Things

There’s one more Sunday left in 2012, so why not NOT break the rules and put up one last Sunday post? It’s a cat post….so it shouldn’t count anyways.

I’m sitting here, kind of watching a movie – kind of reading some post – kind of checking in on Facebook – kind of waking up from a three-hour nap. After I wake up I check my phone and see that I missed a meeting. I call only to find out that EVERYONE else forgot about it too. I don’t feel so bad at that moment. Then I call moms and find out that she’s hanging out with Bruddah, eating at an establishment that may or may not employ an attractive girl. Did I ever tell you that I loved cheese. Especially Cheddar. Yep, Cheddar’s my favorite.

After this I call my Grandmother and check in. I’m such a horrible Grandson. This was my “Thank you for Christmas” phone call. Yeah, I know, Christmas happened almost a week ago. She’s hanging out in the hospital with my Grandfather. Please keep him in mind. I’ll be planning a trip to see them very soon. Oregon based bloggers – you better watch out. My Grandparents live outside of Seattle. Maybe a meet up can happen?

Anyway, after I woke up from the three-hour slumber I threw my covers in a wad on the end of the couch. They sort of made a nest looking thing, and naturally this is where Mini has decided to spend the remainder of the night. This is great because she’s been on this kick of always wanting to sit in my lab. You know, I like you and all, but give me some space you weirdo. “Okay Faddah Bruddah, space given. Now go get some real pants.”

"How come you don't make a bed like this for me every night?"
“How come you don’t make a bed like this for me every night?”

Isn’t she so sweet? Gag me. The sweetest thing in this picture are my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pajama pants. I got these from a friend and her kids. (Thanks! I told you I would wear them.) Right after I opened them up my Bruddah said “Okay, name them off!” Yeah, like there was any doubt, right? Alvin, Simon, Theodore, and Dave….right? (That’s a joke people!!) Turtle Power!!

Happy New Year!! Now, on to our regularly scheduled program.


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