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Something has taken over my life…

…and I don’t know how to stop it.

I realized (maybe today, maybe yesterday…I really don’t remember) that I’m in some sort of ‘blogging’ slump. I don’t have writer’s block – per se – I just don’t feel like writing some days. Other days I’ve just been way too busy to talk to you guys. Recently, on those days that I haven’t felt like it, I’ve been distracted by something in particular. This ‘reason’ might come as a surprise, and maybe even as a shock for some of you. Because of this I’m going to start as far in the beginning as I can, and lead up to it. (In fact, it’s distracting me right as I type this.)

writer's block
writer’s block (Photo credit: K. Sawyer Photography)

I don’t have TV. Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have A TV, because I do…and it’s an awesome one at that. I have a 42″ – LCD – 1080p – 24oHz – HDTV. The only thing I didn’t like about it was how good the picture was at first. It took me a few months, but I got used to it and now movies look like movies again. Anyway, what I mean when I say I don’t have TV is that I don’t have Cable, Satellite, Digital or anything that would put up a random picture. No, I have a DVD player and a bunch of DVD’s – That’s about it. I watch movies multiple times. That doesn’t really bother me though because I usually have writing or reading or house work or something else taking me away from the movie magic. This causes me to catch new things each time. But that is only usually.

IMG_3705 (Photo credit: nooccar)

Sometimes a movie comes around that demands my full attention. Movies like this include The Godfather, Star Wars, The Shawshank Redemption, Indiana Jones and other such epics. There are  a few newer movies that have tended to keep my full attention, but only for two or three viewings unlike the others. These would include The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, X-Men: First Class and Star Trek (2009). As you can see there aren’t many comedies or musicals on either of these lists. Who knew I would be adding a movie that contains both of these elements? I sure didn’t. I didn’t expect it to be an A Capella movie either.

The Shawshank Redemption (soundtrack)
The Shawshank Redemption (soundtrack) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started listening to A Capella music, regularly, around five years ago when I found this video of the University of Oregon’s On the Rocks singing For the Longest Time. After rooting around a little bit more I found this video of the UC Men’s Octet. Two very good songs from two very good groups. I was starting to wonder if there were any decent lady A Capella groups out there and that’s when I found this one from UO Divisi, also from the University of Oregon. They are/were very good. So…what happens when you get the best of the best together? You get this…from the Vineyard Sound, a group that puts the best from the east coast collegiate groups together. (The actual song starts at around the 1:00 minute mark.)

English: The german acapella group “Wise Guys”...
The german a capella group “Wise Guys” (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Never heard of them…but I will be checking them out now.

These are all of my favorite A Capella performances. Well, they were all of my favorites. That list got a little bit longer about a week ago. That’s when my ultimate blogging distraction started. That’s when I first watched Pitch Perfect. In the last week I’ve watched it around two dozen times, and I’ve been drawn in each and every time. This film has even introduced me to some songs that I’ve never heard. One of the groups covers a Cee Lo Green song Bright Lights Bigger City. I’m not sure if I like the original…but that group sure did remix the business out of it. This is why I’ve been away for so long. Please go watch this movie…and like it. And if you can, search out the Gummie Bear song by the Brown Derbies. I used to have that song but I’ve seemed to have lost it over the years.

English: Anna Kendrick at the 2011 Tribeca Fil...
Anna Kendrick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What distracts you from writing? How will you go about posting in 2013? I have a few ideas for the new year…so stay tuned.

31 thoughts on “Something has taken over my life…

  1. My gripping life both distracts me and inspires me. I think you know what I’m talking about. Sometimes I pull myself back, afraid that I’ll go too far, other times I let it all hang out. I could easily be an angry, whiny, sad blogger right now but I don’t think my peeps would get into that so I try and write from a more insightful place. It’s hit or miss with me, right now. BTW, I love The Shawshank Redemption. That’s such a great film.
    “Get busy living or get busy dying…” sort of my mantra right now.

    1. Yeah yeah yeah. I think I’m going to set up a schedule for myself, and hopefully that will help with the writing. I want to get at least one good post out a week…and the rest can be rubbish….or at least not as good.

      Yes…wonderful movie. Stephen King book too. I think he stole that line from Bob Dylan…but what do I know?

  2. Well I have these kids over here and they are constantly distracting me with their constant need for food and clean clothes. It’s so annoying! But really, I go in and out of writing slumps and I have the attention span of a gnat. Pretty much anything shiny or noisy can make me turn my head and forget what I was doing altogether. I have no idea how to rectify that.

    1. Kids….pfft. They ought to be able to take care of themselves by like 6 or 7…amirite?

      Yeah, I’m usually okay with the noise and the shiny things. I think the thing that may hurt me the most is when I get hungry. It’s hard to pick up where I left off after a grilled cheese.

    1. I’m not sure which scene you’re talking about…but I’m going to agree with you anyway. I think you might be talking about the one in the empty swimming pool…when they all battle each other.

  3. I don’t have cable either. I still love tv and movies but this way I’m not a slave to watching them when they’re on.

    I’ve.been in a writing rutt too although I did write one big thing recently. I’m used to writing a million things at once though. Finding other creative outlets helps feed the hunger though.

    1. Right, I have Year End Awards for the Jaycees Group that I’m in…I designed and programmed them this week…and they’re being cut out today. That’s what’s been keeping me from the writing. That’s it.

        1. Not really. It stands for the Junior Chamber of Commerce. We are a Volunteer based, leadership building organization. I’ve been the President for this past year and am in charge of getting the awards done.

          1. I like that I said “wrapper” instead of “rapper” and you were nice not to point out my mistake. Still got Christmas on the mind, maybe?

            Well hey, you’re in a pretty important position. You’re doing something good with your time. Come back when you’re ready and the trophies have been given out.

  4. I made my mom watch Pitch Perfect with me. It’s a good flick, right? But yeah Shawshank is amazing.

    Things that distract me from writing are not much. More like writing distracts me from playing video games and reading books. Hah I have such a casual life right now it’s ridiculous.

        1. What! Why? You don’t like Christian Bale? or Sam Worthington? I just noticed that Sam was born in England…sorry about that. But the other guy is Batman…not sorry about that.

  5. How have I missed out on this bit of movie wonderfulness? Must go rent it now.
    What keeps me from writing? Dora the Explorer. As we also do not have TV and my 4-year old likes to watch Dora on Amazon Prime, I have to fight for computer time –and the 4-year old fights dirty.

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