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A year ago I paid to upgrade my domain name to A few months ago I changed the theme and tone of the blog, and changed the domain name to For about three months they have been asking me to renew my domain name and for three months I’ve told them…NO! It has now expired but it’s still being used. This confuses me. I DO NOT want to have that domain name anymore….that is why I didn’t renew it. No means No. Please stop asking me. I have a head cold and I’m not in the mood for this at all.


On another note, please don’t forget to submit your blog domain names…for nominations, to be added to my You’ve Been Sainted page. Those can be sent to


I know that it may be ironic that I’m choosing to still use this e-mail name…but I don’t care. I like it…and it would be too hard to switch everything over.


Common cold
Common cold (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Stay away from me!


16 thoughts on “Just…NO!

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I think so. That’s about how big it feels in my head right now. It isn’t Christmas unless you spend at least 36 hours on the couch…at least for me. Every Year…Never Fails.

      1. Oh Jon! I hope it goes away before xmas and that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest! Well, Merry Xmas despite it all as Purple Mary said earlier… Take care of yourself.

  1. hope you are feeling better Jon. The whole domain name thing is very confusing to me–I purchased mine and I am not sure it really matters ?
    Merry Christmas

  2. I am getting renewal notices for things I didn’t even know I had! Apparently, both hostgator and Go Daddy believe they are hosting my commercial website. This is very interesting to me as I hate Go Daddy and would rather have Satan host my website. Sigh. Hope you get them to back off.

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