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Year In Review

We are coming to a close of 2012, and I can’t help but look back at all the posts I’ve written, re-written, uploaded, deleted and such. Here are my top ten posts from the past year, from ten to one. (David Letterman style. Please don’t sue me.)

10.) Fruit of the Loom Offers Multiple Levels of Comfort – This was the first “cat post” I ever uploaded. Here you were introduced to Mini, as she takes a cat nap on my undies. Good times. ~ 418 total views

9.) Why I Don’t Drink, Anymore. – This post came about because I was at the bar one night and someone asked “What are you doing here?” They then proceeded to tell me something about Jesus drinking wine. Yeah, I don’t care about that. Me not drinking is way beyond a Religious thing. ~ 501 total views

8.) Forget About Pavlov’s Dog, Check Out Petro’s Cat – This one is pretty self-explanatory. There is a little story in there about the TV show The Office. ~ 535 total views

7.) Why Wasn’t I Told About This Sooner? – This post was written because I had just found out about a man named John Bytheway. He’s a very funny member of our Church that does a lot of youth talks. ~ 542 total views

6.) The Ultra-Witty, Uber-Fantastical, Ultimately-Wonderful Title of Titles – When I started this blog I did a thing each Tuesday with the This Day In History page on Wikipedia. This is the very first of those posts. ~ 564 total views

5.) No, There Not, and Don’t Blame Us For Trying – Most of the search terms used to find my site used to be whether or not some famous person was Mormon. For example “Chuck Norris Mormon” or “Is Billy Ray Cyrus Mormon”. This is my answer to that. ~ 632 total views

4.) Hello, My Name Is Jon And I Have Been Book Free For Zero Days – Here I talk about my love of reading, and more importantly, my love of owning books. I dream to own a bookstore someday. This post is kind of sad because I don’t think I’ve actually read a book since I wrote this. ~ 685 total views

3.) That Movie Will Rip The Tears Right Out Of Your Face – This post is about the type of movies that would cause a person to get emotional. I have plenty to add to the list nowadays. ~ 751 total views

2.) Let’s Talk About the Elephant Sized Chicken in the Room – Who would have thought people would stop talking about this so soon? This was about the whole Chik-Fil-et thing. ~ 825 total views

1.) Before They Were Stars, They Were Greasers  – Here I talk about the movie The Outsiders, specifically about all of the young star power contained within the film. ~ 2229 total views (pretty much a fluke)

The funny thing is a lot of these were uploaded well before I had too much of a readership, so many of them haven’t really been seen by many WordPressers. Here’s your chance to see them now.

I want to thank WordPress for having such a great, easy site for us to work with. And also thanks for all of the Daily Prompts and Weekly Challenges. I made it a year. Hard to believe sometimes. Here’s looking forward to 2013!!

How have all of you done?

Home at Last (Billy Ray Cyrus album)
Home at Last (Billy Ray Cyrus album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Not a Mormon, but we would be glad to have him.


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