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You’ve Sainted Yourselves – Sort Of

The last “Sainted” post was such a hit I wasn’t sure if I would be able to top it. What’s better than getting a bunch of fellow WordPressers to praise our own? How about getting some to talk about themselves. I wasn’t lying when I said I was already thinking about this post before I uploaded the last one. These are way fun to write.

So, I sought out the help of three of my favorite blogging buddies and asked them to do me a favor. I had them ask the three recipients to do a 150-200 word write-up, about themselves or their blog. The recipients I’ve decided to “Saint” are Carrie Rubin at The Write Transition, Emily @ The Waiting, and Tim or AKA Mooselicker at well, Mooselicker. Any of the red text is by me. The other text is by the individual “Saints” listed, and the quotes are all from my special helpers. Thank you all so much for this.

Carrie Rubin @ The Write Transition

Thank you, Jen for introducing me to your followers. Your blog is always a fun place to hang out, and I’m honored to be included. It is a fun place to hang out, but, little did she know, she is getting an opportunity to hang out with Brother Jon’s followers now. I’m not going to say that it is better, but it’s up there.

As for me, I love to write, but I’ve also spent time as a physician and a public health advocate. I believe every experience is worthwhile, even if our paths deviate from where we started. Or at least that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it…

I am the author of The Seneca Scourge, a medical thriller with a side of science fiction. In addition to writing fiction, I maintain a humor blog , because to me, laughter is one of life’s necessities. I live in Ohio with my husband and two sons.

Finally, for anyone interested in writing a novel but wondering if they can do it, I offer one of my favorite quotes on writing: “The only secret to writing is AC: Ass on Chair.”—Wayson Choy

Thanks, Jen!

You’re Welcome!! Well, at least I think she would say that. Actually, here is what Jen had to say about Carrie. (If you didn’t notice, I got Jen from Sips of Jen and Tonic to help me with this one.)

Carrie Rubin is one of those bloggers who made me wish I had stumbled upon her sooner. She is a writer’s writer, a renaissance woman, and one of the nicest people on the internet. Please take a moment to get to know the woman behind the skillfully constructed words.

Emily @ The Waiting

I’m a southern girl with no accent. I bite my nails like it’s going out of style. I have two degrees in English but the only time I’ve used them professionally was talking lit with professorial patrons at a restaurant where I used to work.

At my core is my motherhood. I love my daughter something fierce and she seems to think I’m OK too, which is kind of amazing considering I put her through the agony of having her diaper changed multiple times a day. Her dad isn’t too shabby, either. He likes me too. And when it comes down to it, having both of them like me enough to call it love is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I enlisted Becca from 25 to Fly to help me out with this one. Here is what she had to say.

Emily is impossible not to love. She is the type of person you would never be able to imagine with a frown.She has a knack for dressing up people and babies to look like her, among other projects. I worked closely with her on Movember efforts, where I not only got to know her a bit better, but also saw her thriving dedication to any task that is thrown her way. Her abilities to make enjoy baby photos are also impeccable. That’s quite the mighty achievement in itself.

Tim @ Mooselicker

Tim Boyle was asked by a third-party to write-up 150-200 words about himself without knowing what it was for. The first thing you must know about Tim Boyle is he does not like surprises.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Tim Boyle has always been a person who lives to entertain others. His dark sarcasm and ability to relate just about anything back to his favorite films and television shows lends a hand to his unique perspective on life. Always putting a positive spin on the negative and a negative spin on the positive, this young man is someone to pay attention to and follow.

Suave, smooth talking, and a ruggedly handsome charm are things Tim Boyle tells people he meets on the Internet he has. He has none of these. He’s overly neurotic and due to years of poor self-esteem has trouble comfortably expressing himself.

A self-acclaimed brilliant blogger and aspiring screenwriter and author, Tim Boyle is a man more people should get to know before his head and wallet get so big he can pay people like you to do anything he wants.

Lily from Lily in Canada helped me during my cowardly ways. Here is what she had to say about Tim.

Mooselicker is one of my favorite bloggers on all of WordPress. That’s saying a lot because I don’t really like anyone besides myself. His small observations and amazing sense of humor make his blog worth a visit. Trust me, once you go, you won’t ever leave.

I can’t say enough about each one of these bloggers. (This is Brother Jon again, by the way.) I’m sorry for misleading you all, and I hope this makes up for it.

Carrie is my most favorite commenter on my blog. Sometimes it takes me a little while to answer comments and, never fails, she will answer me back, and it seems like she understands me too.

Emily is just super awesome. She put on a great Secret Santa party for ALL OF US. I received the single greatest gift of my life, thanks indirectly to her. Not to mention we were both awesomely born in January of 1982. That was a good year.

Tim is really something else. I saw in the correspondence that he actually called me a coward, for not asking him directly to write this. That was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I hope you’re not disappointed Tim. (Dang Kids!)

happy face

23 thoughts on “You’ve Sainted Yourselves – Sort Of

  1. Lily needs to learn proper copying and pasting techniques. I’m really wishing I had used the term “yellow-bellied” in my message.

    Thanks Brother Jon! This wasn’t quite at the top of my list of things I suspected (I thought maybe Lily had been working undercover for Esquire Magazine and was doing a piece on me) but it also wasn’t at the bottom of my list of things I suspected (someone simply too lazy to write up their own bios for a blogroll). I am simply honored to be on this list and will use my sainthood for goodness.

    1. No problem. Hey man, this thing was over 1000 words. I don’t do 1000 words, so yes…I needed your help. Before too long I won’t have to write ANY of my post. That what I’m striving for.

  2. I woke up with a heavy heart this morning after yesterday’s school tragedy. Not wanting to get out of bed, I grabbed my phone and opened up my WordPress app to check for comments. Your pingback was the first I saw. What a wonderful surprise!

    You can’t know how good this makes me feel. Kind acts by others, including your sweet mention of me on your blog, are what give me hope. It came at the perfect time, and I thank both you and Jen for thinking of me and for your lovely words. I offer all praise right back at you both.

    And congrats to Emily and Mooselicker, too–both very deserving of sainthood.

    Thank you, Brother Jon!

  3. This is a great group of people. I know Emily and Tim very well, Carrie, not so much, so I’ll go visit her blog. Can’t say enough wonderful things about Emily and Tim- two of the kindest people I have encountered in my life. (don’t let Tim fool you- he has a heart of gold.) Emily and Tim both write like pros. They have serious talent on top of being supreme human beings. I’m lucky to have them as my friends.

  4. Weee this turned out awesome! Congrats to everyone for being super cool and talented. And congrats to me, the only person in the world who manages to mess up copy and paste.

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