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I’m So Sorry, BUT Are You Serious?

Today is a very sad day. Yet another shooting has occurred, this time in Newton, Connecticut. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family and friends of those killed and otherwise harmed in this ordeal. This one is especially pulling at peoples heart-strings, as it’s mostly children from the ages of 6 to 10 that have been harmed. 27 killed, mostly children.

A celebrity tweeted, about noon today ~ [Screw] the NRA and the cowardly politicians who refuse to do a single [gosh darn] thing about gun violence in America.

It was because of this tweet that I found out what was going on. I first read it and thought sure, he’s right. I never thought a single thing about it, until I started reading the comments beneath that update. (I saw this “tweet” as an update on Facebook.) At last count there were about 300 comments. About 45% of these were in support of what Wil Wheaton said, and 45% were ANGRILY against it. The other 10% were well-behaved people, who were open to have a discussion. These are about the same numbers that we see spread throughout the entire United States. (In my opinion.) I don’t want to brag, but I think I fall in the 10%. I’d like to have a discussion about this kind of stuff, maybe work toward a solution that would be beneficial to all people. That’s very hard to do when 90% of people are unwilling to keep their traps shut for a few minutes, and just listen.

I’m going to defend Mr. Wheaton – to a point. I also disagree with the NRA, but I’m not sure how much, if any, at fault they are here. I also think most politicians are cowardly – and not the lion type. I also think we should strive to find common ground in attempting to fix the gun violence issues in our country. Now, having said that…neither Wil nor I said anything about GUN CONTROL. So, why do over zealous idiots always jump to defend such things? Here is a very small sampling of some of the comments Mr. Wheaton was receiving.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.


Making guns illegal will take them off the street? Oh, I better go do some meth and heroin then.


We should make rocks illegal, cause that’s what Cain killed Able with.


That gun free zone that school was in sure helped, didn’t it?


Do you blame the car for  car crashes?

How do ANY of these statements help the situation? These aren’t even adequate arguments, as far as I’m concerned. Yes, people kill people. BUT, sometimes people kill people with guns. Shocker, right? If the perpetrator had knives, or rocks (like what Cain used) instead of guns….how many innocent children would have suffered? A fair guess would be, not as many.

Do you blame a car for car crashes? How many people have bought a car…with the intent of running someone over with it? Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Oh, and that Meth and Heroin thing. Are you insinuating that we should make these substances, that may kill more people than guns do yearly, legal? NO, you’re just being a smart ass imbecile that doesn’t actually want to help, aren’t you? (Sorry about that. I get passionate sometimes.)

I have no words for the “gun free zone” comment.

I would like to thank, roughly, 150 people for taking the focus off of these suffering family’s and putting it where it needs to be…your 2nd amendment rights. And yes, I realize, Wheaton (and maybe myself) did the same thing. So, I would also like to thank, roughly, 150 (and one) people for doing the same thing with Gun Control.

Please pray for these family’s, and try to focus on the real problems around us, whatever they may be.

Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven. ~ Matthew 18: 10

27 thoughts on “I’m So Sorry, BUT Are You Serious?

  1. I just heard the news a few minutes ago. I was out having lunch with my husband. I am just sickened. Thank you for your post. You’re exactly right. We need common sense discussions. Enough with the rigid, one-sided thoughts. My heart aches for all those involved.

  2. I always find it amazing that people jump to gun control, and not addressing the real underlying cause to most of these terrible incidents; mental illness, bullying, abuse, social disorders, addiction. But I feel like that is a discussion for another day. Today is about families who lost their littlest and most vulnerable members at a place where they should be safe. What a sad and terrible day.

  3. Oftentimes guns end up in the wrong hands… But sometimes in the supposed right hands they can cause damage… The leaders really do need to address gun laws…

    It feels like every other day now we deal with this issue… My heart prays for the family.. And continues to pray for them. This is senseless evil

  4. People who are really focused on an issue will find any reason to bring it up. We should be talking about this every day of the year, and not just when something happens.

  5. Jon, I think the abovementioned celebrity also provided us with the equally imbecilic statement, “screw the NRA,” which you apparently adopt and/or defend in part (admittedly, I’m confused by your stance on the statement).

    People are very opinionated on this issue and you can hardly blame them. Speaking for one of the 45 percenter groups aforementioned, it is certainly more rational to make a statement such as “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” than it is to say “screw the NRA” in response to a school shooting. The NRA is for 2nd Amendment protection as well as safe and responsible gun ownership. How dare they!! Screw them! C’mon, Jon, his meaning is plain: Mr. Wheaton supports gun control.

    But back to rational discussion. I think the reasoning behind the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is plain, as well, and logical. Take this fellow from China who recently stabbed/slashed over 20 people in a Chinese school.,0,5592318.story

    Guns are perhaps more effecient at killing than knives, but knives are no less lethal when they are in the hands of someone intent to wound or kill others. The first question should then be, what was wrong with the person who did this? What motivated them? What is it about our culture that causes people to do this? It’s evil. It’s the same evil that moves some men to pour gasoline over their wives and set them on fire. It’s the same evil that motivates parents to kill their children. It’s the same evil that drove Ted Bundy, or Charlie Manson, to commit the heinous murders they did (sans guns, for the most part, by the way). What causes such evil in the heart of man?

    I think that’s really the heart of the matter. So, when I see 45% of people railing against the NRA and gun owners and gun laws when a crime is committed, I tend to side with the folks who rail back at them, because it isn’t terribly rational to try to solve a socio/cultural problem by banning implements of destruction. There are plenty of them out there, and someone who is hell bent on getting their hands on one won’t have any difficulty doing it.

    1. Well, I forgot you like to pop up every once in a while. First, I didn’t defend him in saying “screw the NRA”. I did say that I don’t agree with the group, but I didn’t see how that had anything to do with what happened today. I guess you missed that part. Sure, they support 2nd amendment rights, but they do it from the FAR right, in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to speak to them about gun violence, or “gun control”. And your being a smart alek isn’t going to help the discussion any more than Mr. Wheaton’s is. I also spoke out against his entire statement at the end of the post.

      I won’t say that the statement “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is helpful in any way, no matter how plain, rational, or logical it is. It is a side-step statement. It disallows the speaker to offer up any real help towards the situation.

      All I’m concerned with is that we may be able to agree that there is a problem. I’m not necessarily for gun control. I’m against people killing kids, like what happened today. I’m for discussion that will move us forward towards making a country where this doesn’t happen anymore. I know it will happen, but that’s no excuse to do nothing.

      And how can guns be “perhaps” more efficient at killing than knives are? The word “perhaps” is used when a level of uncertainty is found. I’ve never heard a story of a knife accidentally going off and killing someone.

      The whole point of the post was to shed light on how people shouldn’t have acted during this tragic time. Much the way you did react to this post. Our thoughts and prayers should be with the families affected by this horrible incident, not concentrated on how to take guns away, or how to allow for more guns so it can be safer. After the grieving process is done, then we can move forward in trying to solve this problem. Like Jen said, we should be thinking about this sort of thing all year around, not just when stuff like this happens.

      I once spoke out for peace in the middle east. I was told that since the bible tells us that it’s meant to be that way, any effort to solve the problems are futile. I say we should at least try. Imagine how bad things would be if every took the attitude of “oh well, it’s supposed to be that way.”

      1. Wow! Ok. I wasn’t trying to be a smart aleck. Sorry you took it that way. I will say this, however, that you shouldn’t be so quick to jump down my throat when you admit that your first reaction to Wheaton’s inane statement was to agree with it…that is, until you read the comments of the “imbeciles.” Only then did you begin to question it (so possibly their comments weren’t completely without value?). Then you divided everyone into three camps: the zealous idiots, the zealous idiots, and the 10% of reasonable folks that happens to include YOU. Oh, and those 10% are the only ones that are “well-behaved” and “were open to discussion.” You then stated that “neither Wil nor I said anything about GUN CONTROL.” I disagreed and you reacted negatively (or so it appears from your reply to my comment). Yet, you also said “I’d like to have a discussion about this kind of stuff, maybe work toward a solution that would be beneficial to all people.” Though I did mention that I think it (i.e., mass killings) is a socio/cultural problem (for which there are probably solutions), my comment apparently did not pass your muster as “useful” to the discussion at hand.

        By the way, in response to your non sequitor, my use of the word “perhaps” was deliberate. It is certainly possible in some situations that using a knife is more efficient than using a gun if you’re looking to “off” someone.

        That said, I do indeed think this was a horrible occurrence and there probably are solutions to this. For one, I think the media should stop sensationalizing this sort of thing and provide stronger punishments for perpetrators of such crimes. But I truly do believe that we are living in a society that doesn’t value human life. In Connecticut last year, 11,000 babies were aborted, for instance. Where’s the outrage? Frankly, I think that any society that allows the latter. Some leftists believe that one should be allowed to “abort” a child up to a certain age, even up to a year or two. Why aren’t people upset about that? Why do people wonder why kids, in a society that promotes death at every turn, commit heinous crimes like this? It should come as little surprise.

        Hope that was useful.

        1. ” The NRA is for 2nd Amendment protection as well as safe and responsible gun ownership. How dare they!! Screw them!” I’m sorry if I misinterpreted your intentions, but it really did seem that way to me.

          I’m only quick to defend myself because all you’ve done on the site is Troll. Not one “positive” comment has left your fingertips on here. It’s nice to know you read, from time to time, but it would be nicer if you could maybe give some encouragement. Do you only read the political or religious stuff? I have 441 post and you’ve commented on maybe three or four of them.

          And why am I not allowed to change my mind? I had a gut reaction, then proceeded to make an informed (though somewhat poorly) decision. I saw that He wasn’t helping the situation either. I’m sorry if I didn’t pick up on all of your comments. Evidently I’m not as smart as you are when it comes to this stuff, honestly. I am trying to help.

          Wil may have an agenda…I won’t disagree with that, but that doesn’t excuse the behavior that was seen on his wall today…from both sides. Here’s the link if you would like to look at it yourself.

          I read the article about what happened in China. I’m not sure if this supports your claims like you would like it to though. 27 people died today in the United States. 8 people died in China. I’m not sure how this is that same thing.

          Why were these 11,000 babies aborted? That is outrageous, but were every single one of them wrong? How many mothers were saved? I disagree with abortion, but I don’t think it’s completely unnecessary. It’s especially not a thing for two GUYS to decide. But that’s a whole different topic.

          “Why do people wonder why kids, in a society that promotes death at every turn, commit heinous crimes like this? It should come as little surprise.” If we promote death so much…does that mean there are too many guns around?

          I’ve got some things to take care of now, so sorry if I didn’t hit on everything. (I’m sure I didn’t) Have a nice night. I’ll be at The Depot with the Jaycees if you want to come out.

          1. Jon, I’m not sure what you mean by “troll.” I usually post on things if I’m interested in it or if I feel I have something to contribute. There have been times that I have posted postitive things on here (er, I thought I had!), albeit after you thought I was trying to cause trouble, which the time before there was some talk about Catholicism, etc., a topic that most definitely interests me. Yeah, politics and religion are probably two of my favorite topics, along with history. I don’t always read your blog, admittedly, but occasionally I will see the link via facebook and I’ll take a look. If I see a topic I’m interested in, I’ll be more inclined to check it out. Is that not normal? In response to your suggestion that maybe your not as smart as me about this stuff, I disagree. You’re plenty smart about this stuff. But that doesn’t mean we can’t disagree and argue a little bit online. If you ask me not to post here, I won’t. But I’m just trying to add to the general flow of ideas and, like most, I tend to think I’m right about the things I comment on.

            As to your last comment, I do disagree that because our society is becoming a death culture, that it has anything really to do with the number of guns around. Having a weapon doesn’t, in my opinion, provide one with a greater inclination to do harm to others. Guns have been a part of American culture since it’s inception. Yet, we didn’t see kids gunning kids and teachers down in school until fairly recently. I doubt greatly that that has anything to do with the availability of guns. I would venture a guess that gun ownership is down from decades previous. This is why I believe that there is something deeper and more sinister at work here than simply, “guns are bad.”

            This brings to mind a story I remember hearing about when I was a kid about 3 teenagers in Carl Junction who murdered a fellow classmate. I didn’t know much about it when it happened back in the late 80’s (thank goodness!). I only recently read fairly detailed account of what happened back then. Four buddies began dabbling in the occult, mostly satanic stuff. There story became more and more macabre after that. They started killing animals and such, sometimes in a ritualistic fashion, sometimes not. One of the teens became obsessed with the idea of killing a person. He wanted to see it and experience it; know what it was like to take a human life. He convinced 2 of the others to kill the 4th buddy. So, they went out one fall evening and bashed the poor kid over the head with a baseball bat and stuffed him down a well. The body was discovered not long after and the 3 went to prison.

            You may be wondering why I bring this story up. You may be thinking, ‘but this kid in CT killed 20 people, not just one.’ But there is a commonality between the two situations, and that is a person or group that has a complete lack of empathy for fellow human beings. They were also premeditated. In the Carl Junction case, you had 3 guys, and one in particular, who so completely devalued human life that they were willing to kill some poor kid, his single mother’s only child, in a sick and ritualistic way. In CT, you have one guy who killed his mother and 26 people in a hail of bullets in a school. Frankly, I don’t see one of the two cases as being particularly worse than the other. They are both horrific and took a certain psychotic, unempathetic frame of mind to commit the respective crimes. The implements of destruction are immaterial. The real problem is the mindset of the perpetrator.

            One could certainly argue that, were guns illegal, the CT kid would never have been able to obtain a firearm and he couldn’t have killed nearly as many people as he did. My first response to that would be that were guns made illegal, the black market sale of firearms would rival prohibition in this country and they wouldn’t actually be that hard to get by those who were willing to purchase them through illegal means. Secondly, there are more destructive means than even firearms that are readily available if someone wants to go to trouble of making a homemade explosive device (and it isn’t that much trouble). So, what is the answer? Make weapons illegal and ensure that criminals or those who wish to do other people serious harm are the only people that possess firearms? A ban could certainly make that happen.

  6. The discussion truly lies within the motivation of others. I was a little bit sick when I saw how many of my own friends focused on gun laws today. I admit that I believe in gun ownership, although I will never own one myself, but like you mentioned, that isn’t the issue at hand. In my opinion, the issue is how close our Savior must be in coming. How could He not? My heart aches, and I shed tears for all those parents who wrapped christmas presents, bought stocking stuffers, and eagerly awaited Christmas morning to see their faces light up when they opened that perfect gift. Those parents don’t have that now… and we are talking about GUN LAWS?
    I pray often, but especially at these times, that God will hasten the day of our Lord. Please right the wrongs that destroy our loved ones. It isn’t just guns that destroy. Are we as passionately against pornography? Drugs?
    God keep safe those little children who will not have a Christmas morning, but please oh please bless the parents and siblings who are suffering now. Bless the children whose lives will ever be affected by witnessing the crime of today. And bless us all to keep ourselves free from the clutches of the adversary.

    1. Thank you. I agree. It’s very sad to see reactions of people after someone make a comment in anger or passion. This was a very sad thing to see, but it’s even sadder when the focus is brought off of what’s important.

  7. I have no words to really express how I am feeling.. such a horrible horrible act. I wish the media would leave the scene and let the families, town and first responders process this loss.
    As always..good post Jon

  8. Of course people kill people, but whereas cars, knives and even rocks exist apart from being used to hurt people, guns only exist for that purpose.
    Getting sidetracked on the people kill people side of the argument loses sight of the fact that getting rid of guns will stop a lot of people getting hurt.
    In AUS in the early 90s we had a massacre (google ‘port Arthur massacre’) and our usually stupid politicians actually responded right away with tight gun control. The result is no more massacres. It can work. People still get shot, but not mowed down with automatic weapons.
    I know nothing, but I do know guns are bad. And yes, mental issue is the real issue so let’s donate our money to that and hand in our guns, people.

    1. “Getting sidetracked on the people kill people, side of the argument???” David, what about Norway where it’s extremely difficult to get a firearm, particularly of the kind used in the massacre in Norway? By the way, automatic weapons are illegal in the U.S. unless you have a permit that costs a small fortune. Oh, and automatic weapons weren’t used in the Connecticut shooting.

      “Guns are bad.” Wrong. Guns are tools used for hunting, sports, self-defense, and, yes, sometimes for nefarious purposes. I own guns and I’ve never used one on a person. Are my guns bad? Are my guns bad if my wife were to use one in the event of a break-in when I’m gone?

      Sorry to all the folks that think I’m missing the point by discussing gun laws, but I am reacting to folks like David who don’t understand why we even have the 2nd Amendment.

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