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What I Want For Christmas

Each year my Muddah asks me to make her a Christmas list, and each year I blow her off. (I think I might have actually made an actual list a couple of years ago.) This year is no different, so I’ve decided to heed her request. I’m not sure if she’ll be able to get me all of this stuff, but I’m not going to let that stop me.

World Peace cookies
World Peace cookies (Photo credit: joyosity)

  1. Two front teeth. Not for me though. I saw a guy the other day that could use them. I’m nice like that.
  2. The original, most bestest gaming system ever – NES, with every game ever made. Okay…not every game, but must include The Legend of Zelda.
  3. Faster, better internet. I think the best way to fix this would be to move my apartment a few feet closer to the Laundry Mat across the street.
  4. World Peace! – (What you got for that Moms?)
  5. One of those “funny hats” that my bruddah has, but way cooler. Remember? “I really don’t think I like that hat?”~Mom “I’m really not sure if I care!”~Bruddah
  6. A self-cleaning litter box. My Seester/Daughter has an abundance of poop. This can be either mechanical, or you can come over each day to take care of it. Up to you.
  7. Awesomely epic ties and awesomely epic  socks that match the awesomely epic ties. (Mormon Gift!!!) I will accept no other form of clothing. DO NOT call me from the mall and ask me what size I wear.
  8. Check that. I will accept very expensive, very fly looking clothes…that I could wear to Church. DO NOT just pick something out. CALL ME first.
  9. DVD ‘s, CD’s, and books. I like a good movie, some good music and a good read every once in a while. I have purchased a lot over the last year, so please check with me first.
  10. Any kind of geeky, electronic type of stuff. This includes cameras, computer stuff, laptop, blue ray player, dress watch, cell phone stuff, world peace maker, and what ever else you can think of. (Call me first)

So, there you go. My Christmas list for 2012. What would you like this year?

15 thoughts on “What I Want For Christmas

  1. “most bestest gaming system ever – NES” — Yes! I feel so sorry for kids today who have movie-quality games. There was nothing like moving a little knight around the forest and kicking rocks to make the enemy come out and battle. The music was awesome, too. We were huge Final Fantasy fans. Sigh. Good memories. … Your entire wish list rocks, Brother Jon!

  2. I’ve actually made those World Peace Cookies. They’re phenomenal. Lucifer himself would weep and beg for forgiveness if he were to eat one. And count me in as a fan of the Legend of Zelda. I love those games. But I played on the computer, I never had an NES console. I was deprived. 😦 But here’s a question: just as you rightly want to have the option to approve/reject clothing options, wouldn’t Mini want the right to approve her new litter box? I have a feeling she’d be persnickety that way.

  3. Ha ha what a great list!!! I haven’t even thought of mine yet…actually, a soul mate would be great….do you think your Muddah will be able to organize that too? Or do I have to ask Father Christmas?

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