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You’ve Been Sainted: Foreigners (With A Little Help From My Friends)

♪♫♪ It’s The Most Wonderful Time…Of The Year ♪♫♪

Alright, now that I got that song stuck in your head let’s move on to something else.

Foreigner is a very rocking musical group from the 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s, that turned out hits like Hot Blooded, Cold As Ice, Feels Like the First Time, and Jukebox Hero. The majority of the band is made up of people from Britain, but the lead singer is ‘Merican. I feel that way right at this moment. I’ve decided to “Saint” a few other bloggers, all of which are not ‘Merican…as far as I know. Now, this is an extremely busy time of year for me. Whether its classes, events, work, service projects, etc….there always seems to be something going on. Because of this I’ve decided to let other “Saints” let you know about the new inductees. This being our fourth installment I decided to name it “Foreigners”…get it? (4-in-ers) I’ve picked these individuals not just because of their blog content, but also because they have associated themselves with mine, in all sorts of ways, liking, commenting and sharing with others. Thank you all so much. Now, without further adieu, in no particular order, here are your newest “Saints”!

David Harding

Mario Stencil
David during Movember

J.D. Gallagher

"Lucky Charm" SanFrancisco Graffiti ...
No offense, but it’s a good picture, right?

Roller Giraffe

Roller Giraffe (Credit Google)

The Hook

Captain Hook
Captain Hook


_4262719 as Smart Object-1 copy
Jiltaroo is way better looking than this.

The only redeeming factor about Bono Vox is that J.D. Gallagher is from the same country. ~ Le Clown


The openness and honesty with which Jen writes is not something everything writer can do. I respect the way she strings words together to tell her story. ~ Jen and Tonic on Jiltaroo 


Beekeeper, Muppet murderer, and mom of twins (TWINS!!) hiding in the mighty snowbanks of Middle Canada. Keeping it funny and heartfelt since 1826. ~ Sara, from Laments and Lullabies on Roller Giraffe (Jen)


The Hook has seen a LOT of hookers in his day, but not in the way that one would think. Not many people can say that. The Hook is the classiest bellman alive, and the one thing he can do better than assist you with your luggage is write about it ~ Becca, 25 to fly.


Usually short, never sweet posts from a ranting Irishman. Has thing or two to say about nearly everything, and it’s funnier than Irish frat boys. ~ Sara, from Laments and Lullabies on J.D. Gallagher


The Hook is a bellman from Ontario, Canada. His humorous blog highlights some of the “unique” guests he comes across in his position and how he handles them. ~ La La, Charm City Chick


An honest, raw path cut through the tangled weeds of abuse, divorce, motherhood, and life in general. Sweet and brave. ~ Sara, from Laments and Lullabies on Jiltaroo (Jen)


She asphyxiates things. She can write on plain white paper. She was freshly pressed and actually deserved it. Do I need to say anymore? She is basically my hero. ~ Becca, 25 to fly on Roller Giraffe


Despite what you may think, You’ve Been Hooked is not a blog about fishing. The Hook is just a regular guy who sees the best and funniest parts of any situation. As a bellman, he witnesses all different walks of life. This gives him plenty of material to work with. So much material in fact that he was able to write a book about his adventures. The Hook is not only a good guy who’s loved by all his readers, he’s an amazing blogger with a great attitude that can make anyone smile. ~ Lily in Canada


The only redeeming factor about Nickelback is that Roller Giraffe is from the same province. ~ Le Clown


David Harding teaches and writes children’s books in real life, but his blog is mostly made up of fun, nonsensical things. He is a very funny, clever writer and I know for a fact that he loves nachos. He resides in Sydney, Australia with his wife and two children (also, he’s like, oh my god, super cute, which is like regular cute, but with a cape). ~ La La, Charm City Chick


Jen is one of the most versatile bloggers I’m reading right now. She’ll have you laughing one moment, and then gives you little slices of life that cause you to take pause. ~ Jen and Tonic on Roller Giraffe


David Harding is a blogger who lives in Australia which is located somewhere near downtown Cleveland, Ohio I believe. I know David’s childhood was rough and he grew up with 14 brothers and sisters in a two bedroom kangaroo pouch. His father made him get a job at the tender age of 6, selling boiled peanuts on the side of the road. It’s there that David found his love of writing when he picked up someone’s toss out, old March 1975 issue of Car and Driver with that year’s Mustang model on the cover. It was caked in dirt and had a giant boot print on the back, but David didn’t care. He loved that magazine like he had bought it himself. David carried that magazine every where he went and even slept with it curled up in a ball, at the bottom of the kangaroo pouch, while his brothers and sisters repeatedly punched him in the head. Lucky for us, years later he would start a blog that had nothing to do with transmissions and crank shafts, but more to do with Vegemite recipes and crocodile wrestling techniques. Read David’s blog, you will laugh…and if you don’t laugh, it means you have no soul…or ate too many boiled peanuts. ~ Chris De Voss (Over Achiever)

Well, as you can see, you literally don’t have to take my word for it. I learned a couple of things from this. First, if your name is Jen it gives you an automatic head start as a terrific blogger. Has anyone else noticed that? Lastly, you can get Le Clown to use some very valuable self-promotion time to help you out. Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers for helping out. The great thing about post like this is I’m already thinking about the next one, so be ready.

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