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During our Stake conference just under a year ago the Stake Presidency was changed. It was not a shock.One of the newly called members of that presidency however had to make a difficult decision. Just like other places around the world, during the month of November (Movember), men from all over the country begin to grow a moustache in order to raise money for testicular cancer.  Prior to his call, and while serving as YM president, this good man had been growing a mustache for charity. The next day, the Sunday, he arrived at his meeting sans ‘tache. I admit to feeling a little disappointed.  Not so much with him but with the culture which (either implicitly or explicitly) suggested that having facial hair – especially in the service of such a worthy charity – was incommensurate with serving as an ecclesiastical leader.

Mormons love Movember. It is…

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  1. I read this article and most of the comments.

    First, I prefer kissing a clean-shaven man, so I have to admit a bias. That said, I’ve know a couple of men who really truly did look better with a beard than without, so I can see where they would want to keep it.

    Then you have to realize that while the church is true, we are all human and fallible. I think the question you have to ask is ” is this something that will affect my salvation?” and then the second question is “and I going to let this affect my salvation?”

    So will facial hair affect your salvation? No.

    Are you going to let it affect your salvation by:

    being offended by others’ facial hair (or lack thereof)?

    judging others’ for their opinion of facial hair?

    making your facial hair more important to you than temple work?

    criticizing church leaders that you agreed to sustain?

    Here is where the slippery slope is. Here is pride. We all have much more important things to work on than arguing the doctrinal basis for whether men should have facial hair. Just like I have more important things to do than counting how many pairs of earrings the women are wearing and who has pantyhose on and who doesn’t.

    1. Yeah, I just thought it was an interesting article. I had no idea it was going to bring about that many comments.

      I like having facial hair because that means I don’t have to shave. If I were asked to stay clean shaven I probably would…..I’ve done it before.

      1. I wasn’t worried about you. I just disliked the article and others I’ve read similar to it, and all the comments after of people reinforcing each other in a completely mistaken idea. so you got my soap box rant.

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