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The Degrees of Shaving

I know I missed the official launch day, but better late than never, right?. On the poll I issued the other day I included two possible Movember posts. One is the Ballad of Short Bus Special, and the other is about to be displayed before you. Please do come back after you are done. I promise to have better pictures next time.

So, about a month ago I decided to join in the Movember festivities. I haven’t exactly been a stranger to the mustache, but it was usually accompanied along with some chin hair, epic sideburns, or even both. In fact, I have had hair on my chin for more than twelve years. This chin is currently very bald, and very cold. It is weird. The double chin has been released, and he’s sticking around for 30 days.

The time of the year is usually prime beard growin time. It’s starting to get cold, if you hunt it’s a way to camouflage, and with the holidays you need to save money by not buying razors anyways. I had a full beard….until the Friday before Halloween.

I don’t know what this face means. I may have been worried about getting the whole beard in there.

Knowing that I was going to be sporting an epic mustache at the end of November I decided to use our Church’s Trunk or Treat as an opportunity to try out said mustache. Along with the mustache I wore a homely looking long sleeve shirt and a sport coat. (I have no pictures of that. I am not sorry.) The next day I was up early to attend a Habitat for Humanity Home Dedication. I didn’t have much sleep. Hope that explains this.

Many people asked me if this was real or fake. After saying ‘real’ they would ask “Why?”

This is what I used to look like every morning. Notice the bags under each eye. The only way you can tell the difference from this picture and all previous Hangover mornings is the fact that the eyes are not bloodshot. But, I was told that my “Hulk Hogan” mustache was “Sweet Action” though. Winning!

This is NOT the mustache I’m going to end up with. I’ve decided to do with the Aldo Raine mustache, military style. Simple, yet tough. (Neck scar not included.)

1:6 Hot Toys Inglourious Basterds Lt. Aldo Raine
Lt. Aldo Raine (Photo credit: Shaun wong)
Yes, that is Brad Pitt. Yes, I know there is only a slight resemblance. It will be okay. I do have a picture of myself fully clean-shaven, but I can not access it at this time. I will save it for my Mustache Update Post.

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