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Furry Faddah Friday

Yet again we find ourselves at the end of a glorious week. What better way to start the day, that ends the work week/starts the weekend with another Funny Dad Friday post. Before, I had promised a post about animals. Here are a couple of anecdotes for your reading pleasure.

One Mouse, Two Mouse, One Trap? Oh Crap

Around this time of year it’s usually a bit cooler than what we’ve been experiencing. What usually happens when it gets cold is furry little critters try to get inside to where it is warm. I’ve seen this a lot back when I lived out in the country. Out there we would put out traps, about four or five, and end up having to reset them each night. After a while you just give up and let them be. You end up deciding on whether you want to throw traps out everyday, or clean up little poopies each night or morning. Before I moved out there ended up being three cats in that house that took care of it.

Русский: Мышь домовая Mus musculus
Awwwwwwww (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last year Faddah experienced this for the first time, that I can remember. He witnessed a little mouse scurrying across his counter top. After this he set out to buy A mouse trap. Guess what Faddah found out? You can’t buy just one mouse trap. They come in sets of four, sometimes two. The way Faddah saw it he had just  one mouse, not mice, so there was no need to buy multiple traps. Well, he ended up biting the bullet and getting the two traps. Bruddah was over there when the traps where set. He talked Faddah into setting both traps, and they went to watch a game….or something like that.

English: A Victor brand mousetrap. This is uns...
Unused trap. You can tell by….well, I’ll let you figure that out. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A few minutes later they heard a *snap* and Faddah exclaimed that they got him. They both went in to check it out and he asked Bruddah to take care of the little guy. Bruddah went to dump the mouse into the trash, by letting up the spring and having him fall out, as you do if you want to reuse the trap. Faddah was not having any of this. He told Bruddah that was its coffin, or tomb, and he wasn’t going to take that away from it. Bruddah relented and threw the whole thing away. Faddah was happy they got the ONE mouse he had in the house. Then…..after they had settle back in to their show…..there was another *snap*. Good thing they sell those things in twos.

Puppy Love/Hate Relationship

It was about two years ago when Faddah found a puppy someone had dumped off in the back yard. He had pets in the recent years, but they usually consisted of old, large cats that for some reason didn’t want to stick around. (I wonder if that has anything to do with the new mouse problem?) The puppy was a good thing. I had just moved out and he soon retired, so this little girl would end up keeping him company when we were away. This is a female dog, named Founder. He named her Founder because he “found her” out back.

This is Founder next to Faddah’s size 8 1/2 shoe, right after he found her.

Faddah has had a love hate relationship with this puppy. Most of the time we see the “hate” part, because he doesn’t want to show us the love part. This is something my Bruddah told me the other day.

One afternoon, when Bruddah didn’t have to work for some reason, he went over to hang out with Faddah. In Faddah’s house you can see all the way into the front room (Living Room) as soon as you open the back door. Bruddah opened the back door and immediately was overcome by loud music. He stepped in and closed the door and just started watching down the hallway. What he saw was Faddah and Founder dancing together to the music. He stood there for a few minutes taking it in. After he decided he had enough he hollered down the hallway “Hey, what are you doing?!?” As soon as Faddah saw Bruddah there he started yelling at the dog, putting on the show that he really doesn’t like her.

Often I have heard, at Faddah’s house, him yelling at the puppy “Must I? Must I, Beat your [biblical word that also means donkey]?”

Here I’m trying to take a nap. I am her favorite person….for sure.

I would have more updated pictures, but she is WAY hyper and won’t sit still long enough. There is reason for Faddah to threaten her, from time to time. But, I’m also certain that he really likes that puppy a lot more than he lets on.

*No mice or puppies were harmed in the typing of this post. I have to admit I would now probably use live mouse traps, if I needed to take care of a problem like this. I apologize if you don’t agree with the traps described above*

16 thoughts on “Furry Faddah Friday

  1. We are having mice problems at work. I keep feeding the cats that lurk around in attempts to KEEP them around and let nature handle the problem… but then I realized if I keep feeding the cats red beans and rice they wont have any room for the mice. I so smart.

    Cutest dog name ever.

    1. You see, that’s weird. I think we’re having a cat problem. I say a momma and several kittens run away when I left work yesterday.

      Maybe try painting the mice white and red?

  2. Ha! only one mouse. Good thing he is wise to the world now. I use spring traps for mice and decide whether to throw the trap out depending on how um…splatted things are. I use sticky traps for crickets & spiders–one time there was a mouse sized fur outline on my sticky trap, so I don’t think they are so good for mice. Another time I found a small black snake trapped on one of my sticky traps. I guess it was keeping alive by eating the crickets. y.i.k.e.s. Our new kitty seems to be good at eating mice and crickets, so I’m looking forward to a mouse free winter.

    My mother-in-law got a little doggy recently. My father-in-law acts like he hates it. But I’m pretty sure it’s just a show-like your dad.

  3. I am enjoying your Faddah posts, and the FDF posts by other bloggers as well. I would love to write one myself, but my dad actually reads my blog, and if I wrote what I really *want* to write about him, he’d be embarrassed/peeved.

      1. Oh, my post about my dad would be nice, it’s just that I don’t know if he’d be thrilled about my sharing so much about him and his upbringing, stuff like that. I’m extremely proud of him, but he would probably be sort of uncomfortable about it.

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