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Don BroJo

Hi, how’s it going? I’ve been absent for a few days. Sorry about that. I’ve been very busy doing things. I’m sure you understand. I’ve also lost access to the internet, at home, for the time being. That will hamper my output for a few days. Until then how about a poll? Here are some potential post titles. Which one would you like to see first?

Here is a brief description of each, as not to make anyone too nervous by just the title.

  • A Christian and an Atheist walk into a Cult – Here I will try to combine the two absolute things that you are not supposed to talk about, Religion and Politics. In 2008 many people saw Obama as a Savior, and now, in 2012 many people are doing the same thing with Romney. Talk amongst yourselves.
  • What Happens at the Retreat, Stays at the Retreat –…

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