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Hello…It’s Been A While…Please Vote

Hi, how’s it going? I’ve been absent for a few days. Sorry about that. I’ve been very busy doing things. I’m sure you understand. I’ve also lost access to the internet, at home, for the time being. That will hamper my output for a few days. Until then how about a poll? Here are some potential post titles. Which one would you like to see first?

Here is a brief description of each, as not to make anyone too nervous by just the title.

  • A Christian and an Atheist walk into a Cult – Here I will try to combine the two absolute things that you are not supposed to talk about, Religion and Politics. In 2008 many people saw Obama as a Savior, and now, in 2012 many people are doing the same thing with Romney. Talk amongst yourselves.
  • What Happens at the Retreat, Stays at the Retreat – This past weekend I was a part of the Missouri Jaycees State team retreat. There were many stories told, many of which caused people to ask me to pray. Don’t worry, this isn’t about you. I want to relate a story about my self that would have fit in well. I haven’t told it in many years. It is very embarrassing.
  • Oh Okay (The Ballad of Short Bus Special) – This will be a post about one of my good friends, who happens to be a 20 year testicular cancer survivor.
  • CAT POST!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Self explanatory.
  • The Degrees of Shaving…..w/ Horrible Pics – Here I recount another Movember story. The story of my beard, and then my Hulk Hogan ‘Stache, and then clean faced. I’ve had hair on my chin since 2000. I feel very weird right now.

So, what do you think? Of course I plan on writing each of these. What order should they be in. Thanks for sticking around, talk with you later.

Leave me alone!

13 thoughts on “Hello…It’s Been A While…Please Vote

  1. I didn’t read the descriptions until after I voted. I’m sure you did that on purpose. But I would have voted for the cat post if I’d seen that no one else had, because your cat posts are good. I vote for the order of 1-5-4-3-2 (I only put 1 as first because of the election being tomorrow.)

    1. Thanks. It’s a pretty even race right now. I don’t think I can get any of them done tonight, but it shouldn’t matter cause what I had to say in the first one probably would sway any ones vote (which it wasn’t supposed to)

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