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All Saints…..Dad

Happy All Saints Day. Now, on to the, uh, not so saint like.

Around 5pm yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from Bruddah. He was calling to see if I was going to help him and Faddah with the Halloween festivities. I said no, which I’m sure he expected. He then said how about you write about Faddah, and his unhealthy perfectly natural love of Halloween. I said I would think about it, then headed over to see how the house looked. My mind was made up immediately.

The Hagar Haunted House….right before the sunset.

Now, I should give a little bit of background here. Each person in this family seems to have a favorite Holiday. Muddah loves Christmas, but that can wait. Faddah enjoys July 4th too, as evident by a previous quote given. The weird thing is how much Faddah loves Halloween. Faddah doesn’t own, fake or real, a Christmas tree. Sure, he has a tree he puts out, but it’s very reminiscent of Charlie Brown‘s. No, Halloween is where it’s at.

Faddah and Bruddah, before the “storm”

At this moment I’m asking “so, do you want Halloween decorations for Christmas?”

“Might as well. You know what I say…we should have Halloween on the 31st of every month”

“Every month you say?”

“Yep, and if there isn’t one (a 31st) than the Jaycees should take care of it at he end of the month, in the park”

Yes Faddah, that’s all we need…more work.

Bruddah sees camera….flashes smile. Faddah looks away.

At this time Bruddah is on his way to place around the DIY “scary animal eyes” that apparently were my idea. After piecing it together I’ve realized that I “liked” an article on Facebook that showed how to make these “eyes” with toilet paper rolls, glow sticks, and duct tape. Bruddah put three or four in the bush, with another three or four in the house on standby. When talking about these Faddah says

You know how many [craps] I had to take to get all of those ready?

You see it in there? These are all over the place. They look much better in the dark too.

I then went inside to check out the candy situation. Faddah has things all figured out. There is a bowl of regular, run of the mill candy, a bag of the cheap stuff (just in case) and a small bowl of the good stuff. He says it’s for the “preferred kids” but I know better. He’s got it there for his own snackage. In the kitchen I get the first glimpse of Faddah’s mask.

Faddah….in “Costume”

Under the mask I can hear a garbled, turkey sounding “I am not a crook!” You think I could make this up? I decided it was about time for me to take off, before stuff got real crazy. Boy was I right.

Faddah and Bruddah, flashing those smiles again.

Well kids, I hope all that candy was worth it.

How did your Halloween go? I know this isn’t quite Friday, but I think it was more pertinent to post now. I will call it FDF 1.5. I plan on trying to get another Funny Dad Friday post out by November 9th. Please join me.

On another note, I’m beginning the NaNoWriMo project today. I’ve decided to try my hand a writing a mystery/thriller…about a wise talking detective, that just so happens to be a member of the LDS church, who has just received the biggest case of his life. He is bound and determined to catch (working title) The Latter-Day Devil.

24 thoughts on “All Saints…..Dad

  1. Ha ha good one! We did celebrate Halloween (seeing as you asked). We all dressed up and the kids scored big time (I’m sure they were those “preferred” ones you were talking about). I have photos and a poem about my zombie baby if you want to look. (you might hate it though) Jen xx

  2. Whoa. Scary πŸ˜‰ halloween is not my thing (culturally) so I don’t really celebrate it, but there’s always candy πŸ˜‰

    ps. Will you be sharing extracts of your book?

  3. It always feels weird to me when people get excited about holidays. Maybe I’m just getting too old and corrupt? Thanksgiving I go over to my sister’s and Christmas I go to my grandma’s for a few hours. Other than that holidays have little meaning anymore. Glad to see your family makes up for it.

    I like the book title by the way. Best of luck to you on it!

  4. Well, you certainly do blog about your family, don’t you. πŸ˜‰

    Our Halloween got postponed until tomorrow night. My son’s actually happy about that–Friday night’s a better trick or treat night then Wednesday by far.

  5. I like the glow sticks idea! I will have to remember it. The other day I saw something about making lanterns out of glow sticks. They are a very useful item.

  6. Your dad is hilarious! In general I support holiday enthusiasm; breaks up the boredom between regular days. However, I usually screw them up, so I admire people who can pull off holiday fun even more.

    1. Yeah…I guess if you like it as much as he does (scaring the living fudge out of young people) you start to get good at it. Last year they had a chainsaw. He dreams to get back to that level.

  7. I never waitied until Halloween to scare the duece out of people. I guess you could say it’s my year-round-hobby. Hmmm. Scaring people. There’s a post category. πŸ™‚

    How’s your NaNoWriMo project going? I paused for the day.

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