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Brother Jon Day!

I submit that January 21, 2013 shall become the first annual Brother Jon Day! Why you ask? Because WordPress prompted me, that’s why. If you’re wondering where the idea to use this day came from, I’m thinking you may have a few links missing in the ole brain-train. You know what I mean? Anyway, those of you that are still a little confused let me offer some help.

There will be cake. Oh yes. There will be copious amounts of glorious cake. Chocolate on chocolate. What kind of chocolate you ask? Doesn’t matter. I’m a dude. That’s like asking me to name off these colors; Indigo, Cobalt, Azure, Iris, Denim, Aqua, and Teal. Um, yeah…blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, and blue-greenish-kinda-sorta. That reminds me…ice cream! What kind? Only the best…vanilla. Oh, you don’t like vanilla. You think it’s too plain. Whatever heathens.

Cobalt Moire
Cobalt Moire (Photo credit: cobalt123) Correction – Blue Moire

There will also be jokes. Jokes at my expense in my behalf. These jokes will include, but are not be limited to;

Hey, Baskin Robbins. How’s it going? I’m really lovin those 30-one-derful flavors!

Oh hi, looks like you won’t be going after that turdy-point-buck, dontcha know. Time to go after the turdy-one-point-buck now.

How’s it hanging…OLD MAN!! Hardy-Har-Har. Oh, wow….you are so OLD now. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

Stay away from me Nerdy McGeekerson, before I poke you in the eye with my pinky toe. Hey, I didn’t say they were funny, but rest assured people will be saying these types of things.

There will be gifts. Gifts will be themed accordingly. Star Wars, Star Trek (shut-up, I can like both if I want), The Walking Dead, Tony Stewart, Seattle Mariners, and CASH are all acceptable. Will also take Dr. Who and anything Comic Book related.

English: The typical zombie. Esperanto: La tip...
Zombie – the new, better, Edward and Jacob (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I tell you what. If this day lands on a Sunday we’ll go ahead and shut down all banks and the post office. I’ll even do you one more. If it lands on the third Monday of the Month (It does, I checked) we will do the same thing. Oh happy day.

So, have you figured out why I’ve chosen this day yet? That’s right, because it’s awesome.

Now, above I’ve explained how I’m going to celebrate this Holiday. You are more than welcome to celebrate it this way, if you want. If not there is only need to make a few minor changes. For instance, what is your favorite cake? Make it, buy it, steal it….don’t steal it, but do whatever you can to have that cake. What is your favorite ice cream? (Heathens) Why will they be making jokes at your expense in your honor? What gifts would you like to…..give me? I’m open to suggestions. They don’t have to fall into the categories listed above.

31 (Photo credit: *Sally M*)

Are you ready to celebrate Brother Jon Day? There is plenty of time to RSVP. But, why do we need to RSVP to a holiday Brother Jon? Just do it.


31 thoughts on “Brother Jon Day!

      1. I am elder than BOTH of you whippersnappers. I be 36 . . . groan, get me my cane . . . I want a day too. AliceDay™ will be fabulous. Wait. Why a day? A week. No a month. AliceMonth™. Yes, even better.

        I will totally get you Star Wars and Star Trek gifts because I am a girl geek. I can’t believe this was a wordpress prompt. It actually sounded interesting. Oh, and Jen and Speaker and someone else and I are like doing a blog post a day in November. Join us. There are cookies.

        1. That sounds nice…Alicemonth…which month will this take place? I know right? It’s the first one I’ve done.

          Thanks for the invite, but I am going to do the NaNoWriMo thing, so I may have trouble posting even once a week.

        2. That sounds nice….AliceMonth….which month?

          Thanks for the invite….but I am going to participate in NaNoWriMo, so I may have trouble getting many post out, let alone one a day.

  1. Brother Jon,
    I think this should be a great holiday to celebrate. And you do know that Le Clown will endorse any celebration that is about self-promotion…
    Le Clown

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