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FDF Wrap Up

Alright. Last week we had are first Funny Dad Friday. We laughed. Some cried. All in all, I think it was a good time. Here is a list of posts that were uploaded.

First off we have Meet Ed Pate, Salesman from Emily at The Waiting. We hear about Ed, the Caterpillar salesman. He owned a can of tinned possum. What else is there to say?

Next there was a link left in my comment section to a post named Father by Love Haunt. It may not be very funny, but I couldn’t very well leave it out. It’s so emotional and soul bearing. Please have a read.

Glow Worm hem-hauled for almost a full week before deciding to offer up the simply titled Funny Dad Friday. I can understand not being able to tell a joke like my dad, but if her sense of humor is any indication, her pops has to be hilarious.

The last of “the other” post comes to us from Sweet Mother. In Speaking Without Saying a Thing we hear about Sweet Mom’s pops and how he offered day to day abilities, without really needing to say much. As usual it’s a great piece.

My effort was entitled Faddah Knows Best? This is sort of a “Blank” My Dad Says type of post, except with some explanation.

So, what did you think? Did you enjoy the first FDF? I sure did. I think I might have another one up my sleeve. How about you? Let me know. See you next time.

She really wanted to go with me that last trip. Anyway, I’m getting ready for November 1st. I will be clean-shaven, and hopefully write some where around 1667 words too. I may be touch and go for a while. Just saying.

12 thoughts on “FDF Wrap Up

  1. Brother Jon,
    I still have to comment on Emily’s post which I think was a brilliant and touching piece on her father. I will be writing one for November 9th. I just have to brace myself psychologically.
    Le Clown

  2. Thank you for creating a space for all of these…. almost through the list. Sweet Mother’s is lovely, as is The Waiting’s. And I will look for LeClown’s contribution, as well. Well done.

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