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Mormon Monday (Special, Break My Arm While I’m Trying To Pat Myself On The Back, Edition)

Sundays are usually my favorite day of the week, and yesterday was no exception. It capped off an exceptional week. The bad part is I didn’t really realize how great the week was until yesterday. I have to start living more in the now, and less in the future I guess. Either way, everything is fine.

First, there is a bit of sad news to tell you. We received our new Missionaries almost six weeks ago. Saturday we found out that one of them is going to be transferred to Oklahoma. We are going to miss Elder L, but we understand that his services can probably be best used in his new area. Elder L is from the Marshall Islands. There has been an influx of new members from the Marshall Islands, where his new area will be.

National flag of Marshall Islands
National flag of Marshall Islands (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I think this is my new favorite flag now.

Alright, check this out. Saturday I received a phone call from a member of the Stake, asking if he could meet with me a few minutes before Church. Sure, why not. I wasn’t sure what this was going to be about, but I had an idea. I’m taking Temple Preparation classes, and I thought maybe that was what the conversation would be about. We did talk about it, but only briefly. I also know that I’m not the best speaker so I thought that maybe I would be asked to talk somewhere. That didn’t happen either, but I will have the opportunity to speak more, now, when I’m ready.

Do you remember how I received a new calling a while back? (Not really that long ago.) You remember? I made a big deal about not knowing if I would continue writing, and such (all the while never intending to really stop). You remember. Well guess what? Sunday morning I received, yet another new calling. I am no longer the Elder’s Quorum Secretary. I am now the Elder’s Quorum 2nd Counselor. What does this mean? More responsibility, I guess. I have plenty of books and articles and other resources to read, so I better get on that. I’ll be checking in periodically to let you know how it’s going.

Now, on to the arm breaking part. (Yes, that was not the back-patting segment) Last week I crossed two very exciting milestones, on the same day! First off I hit 2000 “Likes”. Yes, you really like me. Thank you so much. And so many of you like me now too. I also hit my 200 follower, technically. I currently have 189 WordPress followers, and 11 e-mail followers, which is weird, cause I know there are a more than 11 people with e-mail addresses. Hmm. Anyway, thank you all so very much for tuning in and having a read of what I have to offer. I appreciated every one of you. Have a wonderful week!

Be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak: for your work shall be rewarded. ~ 2 Chronicles 15: 7


18 thoughts on “Mormon Monday (Special, Break My Arm While I’m Trying To Pat Myself On The Back, Edition)

  1. Hmmm…… seems to me like you should have many more followers, the box on the right of your blog seems to point to 869 e-mail followers πŸ˜‰

        1. Yes. I am a Tony Stewart fan, and he will always be the Home Depot driver in my eyes. That’s perfect.

          In fact, I was wearing Orange, Home Depot pajama bottoms the other night when my brother showed up (a bit under the influence) looking for a key to our dads house. I walked outside to give it to him and he looked at me and said “effing hillbilly..” The nerve.

          1. Good. Home Depot is dope, and it smells so good in there to me for some reason.

            Should have smacked your brother with some hay or something. That’ll show him hillybilly.

  2. Congratulations – or condolences, as the case may be. You’re obviously being prepped for future leadership positions. You poor, poor soul. hehehheheh!

    WordPress won’t let me sign in any more without me sneaking in under a different e-mail. As second counselor in the Elders’ Quorum, this probably falls under one of your projects.

    1. I was given both on Sunday, so thanks for both. I know. It’s kind of weird. I’ve had three of four people tell me that they can see me as a Bishop. (It alludes to that in a certain blessing I got too.) Please keep my in your prayers. Oh, if you haven’t already go to my “sainted” page and click on hope for heather. It’s a really good site.

      About the WordPress thing, I have no clue. Let me check out the handbook and get back to you. πŸ™‚

  3. I read a book by fellow blogger Charissa Stastny called “Eyes of Light.” One of the main characters was completing his missionary work. I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize Elder wasn’t his first name… But it was fun to learn about a topic I knew little about. Congrats on your WP accomplishments. πŸ™‚

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