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Hello, Is It This Blog You’re Looking For?

There are a distinct set of events that have brought me to the beginning of this post. Lets see if I can get this right.

  • December 2011 – Started Blog
  • July 2012 – Started following Christopher De Voss (Embarrassing that it took this long.)
  • August 2012 – Started following La La/Lauren (Double embarrassing that is took this long.)
  • Soon afterword became friends with CDV and La La on Social Media Website
  • Noticed a lot of “Lionel Richie” paraphernalia floating around
  • I decided to join in the fun and sent La La a video of Rhett & Link singing “All Night Long”, for literally all night long.
  • I saw that I didn’t have any Lionel Richie in my collection, so decided to do something about that.

About a week ago I purchased the newest Lionel Richie album Tuskegee (2012). I had forgotten how good some of these songs were. This album is a greatest hits, of sorts. He takes 13 of his best songs (songs that he wrote for himself, or other people) and he sings them with various country artists. Being from SW Missouri I thought I can dig on some country. Here is a rundown of the track listing.

English: Lionel Richie performing on stage on ...
English: Lionel Richie performing on stage on his 2011 Australian and New Zealand concert tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. You Are – with Blake Shelton. I don’t remember this song, but it is a good one. Blake does a really good job on it, which is nice since he’s one of my favorite country artist, and the best thing about The Voice.

Favorite Blake Shelton song – Hillbilly Bone with Trace Adkins. Both guys are over 6’5″ tall.

2. Say You, Say Me – with Jason Aldean. I can remember this one a little bit. They do an excellent job on this one as well. Jason is one of my favorite “new” country music stars.

Favorite Jason Aldean song – Hicktown. A lot of people think our town is this way. It’s not. Sorry.

3. Stuck on You – with Darius Rucker. This song was sort of released as a country song in the first place. Darius and Richie complement each other wonderfully on this track.

Favorite Darius Rucker song – I have to go to Hootie and the Blowfish for this one – Let Her Cry.

4. Deep River Woman – with Little Big Town. Little Big Town are so great. They’re kind of like the country Ace of Base – except they didn’t see the sign.  This song sounds like it was meant for them, and Richie fits in perfectly.

Favorite Little Big Town song – Boondocks. You get a line, I’ll get a pole, we’ll go fishing down a craw-fish hole…

5. My Love – with Kenny Chesney. Not a fan….moving on. I guess I better elaborate. I don’t really like Chesney. All of his songs sound very whiny to me, and this one fits right in.

Favorite Kenny Chesney song – That like asking me which finger nail I want pulled out first, but I’ll try – When the Sun Goes Down.

6. Dancing on the Ceiling – with the Rascal Flatts. This song doesn’t really make any sense. Who cares? It’s fun. The Rascal Flatts were a good fit for this song. And I don’t care what you say, Gary LaVox can sing his face off.

Favorite Rascal Flatts song – Praying for Daylight. Hard to beat a good ole original.

7. Hello – with Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. This is pretty much his signature song, and Nettle does it justice. Not much more I can say about that.

Favorite Sugarland song – Stay. This song is just her and a guitar. I like it cause I have a friend that sings it karaoke style very well.

8. Sail On – with Tim McGraw. Not really that much of a fan of this song. I like McGraw and all, this just doesn’t do it for me.

Favorite Time McGraw song – My Next 30 Years – Very fitting.

9. Endless Love – With Shania Twain. Very nice. I think Canadians might even like Shania. I mean, she’s better than Celine Dion and Nickelsack. Richie brought Shania out of a sort of retirement for this. Good thing he did.

Favorite Shania Twain song – Not sure, how about Up!

10. Just for You – with Billy Curington. Not so much a fan of this song, or Curington. That’s all I got for that one.

11. Lady – with Kenny Rogers. This couldn’t have been a better collaboration. Rogers originally recorded the song around 1980. Richie had written it for him too. This was great.

Favorite Kenny Rogers song – Buy me a Rose.

12. Easy – with Willie Nelson. This is a perfect fit too. If anyone is Easy, like Sunday morning, it’s Willie. This is such a great song, and has been covered many times.

Favorite Willie Nelson song – On the Road Again. No brainer….sorry.

13. All Night Long – with Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band. (Broken Record Time) Perfect fit! The islander tones Buffet brings to the song are great. And, I liked how they still added in some old 80’s synthesizers in the middle.

Favorite Jimmy Buffett song – Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Has anyone else heard this album? What did you think?

20 thoughts on “Hello, Is It This Blog You’re Looking For?

  1. I’m not a big fan of country, unless we’re talkin’ Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry, etc. Old school country. But I’ll admit, every once in awhile something comes along and I’ll get on board. I liked the Dixie Chicks, for example. I’m not a music snob. I like things on a case by case or song by song basis. I don’t care if the world hates them and laughs at them – a good song is always a good song. Period.

  2. Ahhh you’re so country! (Pretend I just said that in a southern accent) I can’t get into real country music, I like more pop country. More like Shania, Taylor Swift, etc. Fake country maybe?

  3. First, that video of those guys singing all night long is hilarious! Second, that album sounds pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of country music, but I think those people have phenomenal voices. I could imagine it being a great sound, and who doesn’t love all things Lionel Richie?

    Here is my favorite Lionel Richie paraphernalia:

    Lastly, I had to unfollow and refollow because I’m no longer getting notifications of new posts from you. Grrrrr…

    1. 1. Yes, look up a video of them on the Red Carpet. Just as good.
      2. I agree, and I agree. Check it out.
      3. Brother Jon always gets the multiple follows. I think WordPress doesn’t want people to know about me.

      I just did a creepy third person thing. Gross.

  4. Hello! I found the right blog. I watched the Rhett & Link video – pretty funny stuff. And I slipped on over to Amazon and listened to the previews of the songs. Talk about a walk down memory lane. My mother would love this cd, and now I know what to give her for Christmas. Thank you for doing my Christmas shopping! Oh, and she’ll want something zombie-related from Christopher, too.

  5. I have got to be your worst follower ever. How did I miss this?! I saw Lionel Richie in concert in his hay day, 1984. It was good except for the part where he sang Endless Love while pulling around a video screen of Diana Ross singing “with” him.
    This looks like good stuff and apparently I could be maddie cochere’s mother. Sigh.

    1. Well, your new…’ll get the hang of it. There’s about 403 post, so I suggest you get caught up. 🙂

      That does sound kind of weird. The CD is good. I also got his greatest hits, so I could compare them and the new one is a little better, in my opinion.

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