I’ve had a glorious night of sleep…which means I didn’t get any writing done. Here is something from my first month. Sometimes I think my writing has gone down hill. Or maybe it’s just more real. IDK. Take a look.

Don BroJo

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart

So, what is the best shopping day of the year? Some people think that it’s Black Friday, but apparently, that isn’t the case. Now, I don’t tend to be on the lookout for deals that much. If I see something I want, and I can afford it, I buy it, regardless of how good a deal I’m getting. Because of this many people will probably be surprised when they find out that I spent the entire day, Monday the 26th at the mall and various other stores around that area. Almost all of the stores had sales going on. I’m not sure if they were any good, but they sure seemed like they were. 50% off here, buy on get one half off, 75% off there, and the occasional buy one get two free (these are my favorite). I believe the saying is “the early bird catches the…

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  1. I was just telling Ben a couple days ago that your writing has improved so much over the last year. It is much easier for me to follow what you are talking about, mostly because you stick close to 1 main point for each post and develop it in a clear, logical way. This post is interesting, but kind of haphazard in the way you get to the point and I have to go back when I’m reading and recheck what you wrote to make sure I’m understanding where you are going with it. Maybe if I blogged nearly every day it would add up to improvement for me…

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