For those of you that didn’t see this yesterday…here you go…again on your own…

Don BroJo

The other day I was heading over  to a local Chinese Food Restaurant when I received a message on my phone, via Facebook. It was from Jen (Sips of Jen and Tonic) my new BFF, I think. I read the message and quickly replied “Good idea, I’ll shoot you a message in a sec”.  I had soft noddle w/ shrimp on my mind, couldn’t be foolin with no blog post ideas. I received my food and headed back to work. After I got situated I responded to Jen, with my full attention (man, that soft noodle was good).

She had originally said something to the effect of, you know those funny things your dad said? Have you ever thought about making a post about that? Like a Funny Dadisms post?

“My dad once said ‘I celebrated Fourth of July on October 14th once. You just never know'” ~…

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You Know You Want to Say Something...

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