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I Should Wait To Post…But I Can’t

Today I watched the video of that Felix dude skydiving….from space! That scared the living Twinkies out of me. I’m afraid of heights. But, you would think watching this video from the comfort of my office desk would help me feel safe. NOT! He was wearing what appeared to be a space suit! He had to practice for a few weeks because he was claustrophobic. So, let me get this straight. You’re going to free-fall, something like 39 kilometers, reaching a top speed of over 800 miles per hours, breaking the speed of sound, and you almost didn’t do this because the suit was too tight? Very interesting. Watching it definitely gave me a rush. Afterwards I wanted to do a little research, because it said something about it being a record. I saw this and figured he crushed whatever the record was before hand. Not necessarily. His mentor did it from about 30 kilometers, reaching a little over 600 miles per hour. His free-fall time was around 4 minutes and 30 seconds, whereas Felix’s was about 17 seconds faster than this. Better luck next time dude. Can’t win them all.

PhotonQ-Jumping From Space with the World
PhotonQ-Jumping From Space with the World (Photo credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE)


23 thoughts on “I Should Wait To Post…But I Can’t

        1. Well, I did enjoy that every once in a while…when I was a kid…and had bones that didn’t break as easily. Yes. I’m glad there are people like that so I don’t have to do those types of things.

  1. I thought that was funny too, that here’s this unbelievably brave guy planning to freefall from an insane height, who freaks out at being cooped up in a tight suit and the capsule. Although it makes me feel better to know that even the toughest hombres have stuff they’re scared of.

  2. What I also find amazing is that the record he was trying to break was set in 1960! 1960! The original dude must have been basically wrapped in tinfoil and that new-fangled saran wrap.

    1. Yeah! Did you see where during one of the jumps one of his gloves wasn’t properly fit so his hand ended up swelling to twice its normal size. He could have pulled out but he still went for it.

  3. I almost died watching it – drove home like crazy to make it on time, I was watching it when originally the first attempt was stopped, and then again now…

    My heart almost stopped when he opened the capsule door and stood outside.

    It all made me cry a bit – for how amazing the human spirit is. How we constantly struggle to break new barriers. How science makes it all possible.
    But mostly, I let go when the mission control said: “All checks done. Our guardian angel will take care of you now” and Felix said “I’m going home” and launched himself from the capsule…

    What a fantastic experience to be a part of, even if from behind a computer screen!

      1. National Geographic ran an article about man’s attempts at flight. Along the bottom there was a timeline for different people who had made amazing flights. Each guy’s bio went something like this: “Emilio Whatsit: flies for 3 minutes in wing suit. Dies 2 years later during a flight attempt due to suit malfunction. Arthur Wainhoser: first to fly in bicycle powered balloon. Dies 1 month later in crash. …and so on. THEY ALL DIE.

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