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Just A “Hello-Goodbye” Post

I just wanted to pop in and say hello – and let you know that I’ll be missing for a bit. It’s probably going to be right around one day, but from what I’ve experienced in the past it is probably going to feel like FOR-EV-VER. (You’re killing me smalls!)

There are  few things I need to contemplate, mull over and see what I come up with. One, Sweet Mommy has asked us to join her in the NannanoNoonNnnooa November writing thingy. (I think that’s close. Let me know if I got it right.) This project consist of writing a novel, in one month (November). 50,000 words, 31 days, and it doesn’t have to be good. I’m thinking about doing this. But I’m worried if I’ll be able to write the right way, while growing an epic Mustache, for Movember. These are the tough decisions I have to make. (Adulthood is boring, sometimes.)

Well, I’m going away to Wonderland Camp this weekend. While there I also need to think about that News Paper article that I need to write. Oh, you didn’t know I was a reporter? You know why you didn’t know that? Cause I’m not. But, if I didn’t write it, it probably wouldn’t get done the right way. This article will consist of the awesomeness that is the Monett Jaycees, and how we are moving on up, to the State Level. In 2013 there will be three of our members on the State Team. Lowly ole me, as the State Chaplain. Our awesome Chairperson of the Board, as the State V.P. And, the most bubbly little blond I’ve ever seen…and past Treasurer, Membership V.P., State District Director, and one of this years State V.P.’s, will be the Missouri State President. Boom. How bout that?

Seal of Missouri.
Seal of Missouri. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, hopefully I don’t get murdered while I’m away at camp, in the woods, all alone, with animals and such around me.

What are all of you guys doing this weekend? Have a nice one!! Goodbye and Goodnight. See you all later.

17 thoughts on “Just A “Hello-Goodbye” Post

    1. Yes and thank you. We are going to help put all of the “camp supplies” up and do some cleaning. I’m not too worried about the werewolves, Jacob is a punk anyway.

  1. BroJo — you’ll be missed but have fun at band camp, I mean camp. ;). I’m thinking about the Nano thing too but really not sure if I can commit the time! Be safe and look forward to hearing what you get into while you’re away.

    1. Ha!! The only thing that would gotten played around that campfire was a radio. Yeah, the thing that’s drawing me in is it not having to be great. I can write ‘not great’ really well.

  2. Just don’t sit around the campfire telling that story around the campfire about the escaped convict with a hook that gets the girl and her boyfriend. It’s hard to go to your tent after that…

    1. Yeah, I’ve given myself until tomorrow to decide, but I think my mind is made up anyway. It’s going to be okay…

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