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Funny Dreams

Have you ever woken up from a dream laughing? This happened to me for the first time this morning.

So, I have these grandparents, Grandfaddah and Grandmuddah. They live outside of Seattle, Washington. They’re pretty conservative and keep to a fairly tight schedule. Grandmuddah has choir practice every week. Grandfaddah helps test different computer programs before they come out. They have a date night every Friday at Applebee’s. Side note: Applebee’s is pretty good, but I always thought it was a weird place because they only serve Pepsi products. I know this is preferred by a lot of people, but not for drinkers. A Crown and Coke taste a lot different from a Crown and Pepsi. Anyway, Grandfaddah is also an amputee, which isn’t funny, but he has a good sense of humor about it. And so does Grandmuddah. She once commented, at the pool, that she’s surprised that he doesn’t swim in circles. Think about it.

I also have this friend. He’s a Bruddah from a different Muddah, if you know what I mean. We’ve been buds for six or seven years now. He was in the Marines for a while, but he’s back home now. Even though he’s a Marine, he’s not so conservative. Now granted, he is quite a bit younger than the Grandparents, and has calmed down considerably in the last few months, but we used to party it up all sorts of different ways back in the day. This is the person that was in my dreams, along with Grandfaddah and Grandmuddah. Not exactly the Three Musketeers.

It’s a little fuzzy but I remember all four of us heading out to go golfing. I supposed this is pre-amputation also. We all decided to gather in to the wonderful Lincoln Town Car, I, in the back, but he tries to worm himself into the front seat. Grandmuddah kicks him out of the front seat, so he tries his luck over in the drivers seat. Grandfaddah isn’t even having this. Somehow he ends up sitting in the middle, on the front seat. Flash forward to us parked, getting our equipment ready for the outing. All of a sudden Buddy is drunk. Not obnoxious drunk, but enough you can tell. He walks over to Grandfaddah and offers “hey, can you help me put my flipper on?” He’s trying to put different socks on, for some reason, and doesn’t want to sit down to do it. Grandfaddah stands there and holds on to Buddy. Buddy loses his balance and grabs on to Grandfaddah’s tie, which just so happen to appear, and he pulls him back several feet. Myself and Grandmuddah gasp, and then I wake up.

I don’t know if they made it or not. I woke up with the giggle fits, not so much because it’s funny, but because it very well could be a premonition. If you know Buddy, you know he is fully capable of doing something like this.

You guys ever have dreams like this?

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