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Lessons From The Last Two Days

Well, I’ve had a pretty eventful couple of days. Many lessons have been learned, and here are a few of them.

  1. Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my? More like oh boring. Lions and Tigers pretty much lay around all day. The Bears are a little better. At least they were playing around with each other, but it was cute, not scary. Now, Cheetahs, those were scary. You could see a were the grass was worn away from where he was pacing all around the fence line. He didn’t stop moving for one second. That was pretty scary.
  2. When attempting to explain what it’s like to eat a Turkey testicle ball nut, do not use the phrase “well, they’re pretty juicy.” This makes it hard for even a person who enjoys this type of food to eat it again. They were good though.
  3. When the missionaries say they would like to come by to pick up a dvd they forgot, this really means they want to come hang out for a few minutes and take a load off. I didn’t really expect anything different, and it is nice to be able to do this for them. They have the car this week, and surprisingly they rode their bikes over here. How bout that?
  4. A snake is a snake is a snake is a snake. No matter how big, or how small. Whether out in the open or behind inches of glass, they are still the scariest things I’ve ever encountered. Especially when you can see that they’ve just eaten.
  5. Don’t comment about not eating vegetables after you’ve just eaten chicken noodle soup, with many vegetables in it. I was offered a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin and said “no thanks, there are veggies in there.” I got a pretty intense death stare from this. I immediately ate about a dozen or so of the mini things. Really good, and I didn’t even mind eating my veggies.

I think that’s about all I’ve learned so far this week-end. I bet there will be even more learned tomorrow. Stay tuned.

10 thoughts on “Lessons From The Last Two Days

  1. ahahaha death stare –never refuse to eat when there are kids at the table. It sets a bad example and mom’s don’t like bad examples. lol I’m going to laugh about that for a few days–the image of you getting a death stare from I know who and promptly stuffing 12 mini muffins in your face. lol lol lol makes me think of Kung Fu Panda….

    1. Yep, it’s a good thing they weren’t around (I think they were in the other room playing), and I was only joking. It was really funny though. “You just ate vegetables in the soup!!”

  2. oh pumpkin chocolate chip muffins….ooooohhhh.
    I have been toying with making pumpkin muffins for DAYS, I just haven’t had the motivation…. perhaps today will be the day…

    (can you tell my life revolves around food?)

    1. If you look on my blogroll there is a person called “The Leader” with a blog, It’s Called Anarchy, or something like that. She posted the recipe yesterday, if you want to check it out.

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