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Happy Birthday – From One Nerd To Another

Did anyone see all of the epic nerdy/geeky/wonderful birthdays that are happening today? No? Well I’ll point them out to you then. Now, just so I don’t have some uber-nerd come on here and tell me I have the wrong information, I’ll tell you that these are not the Character’s Birthdays. These are the birthdays of the actors and actresses that play them. To make it more fun, I’m not going to list who the actors or actresses are. Won’t be hard for you to figure out, but still fun.

  • John Hancock – Drunk super-human turned serious superhero.
  • Luke Skywalker – The son of the Chosen One. The force was strong in this one.
  • Azazel – Mutant bad guy. He may need to stay out of the sun though.
  • Superman – Kal-el, and we’re not talking about Nick Cage‘s son.
  • Del Spooner – Bionic arm. He wasn’t crazy about Androids, or in general.
  • Elena Montero – Good with a sword, but didn’t make many Z’s
  • Mr Blonde (Vic Vega) – Hello, can you hear me?
  • Agent J – I make this look good.
  • Sonya Blade – As Scorpion would say, Get Over Here!
  • Norm Spellman – Oh, to be nine foot tall and blue.

Once again, Happy Birthday. What reason do you have for celebrating this day?

19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday – From One Nerd To Another

  1. Okay, this is all I can do without cheating:
    1&8 are Will Smith; 2 is Mark Hamill; 3 is annoying me because the movie and actor are escaping me at the moment; 4, depends on which version of Superman we’re talking about? Christopher Reeve? 5 I should probably know but don’t; 6 is Catherine Zeta-Jones; 7 is someone else I should know but don’t; 9 also should know but don’t; 10 I have no idea.

    Wow. I’m not very good at these at all. I’m going to have to turn in my nerd card.

    1. 3 is from a recent movie. 5, no hints, too easy to give away. 7 may not be nerdish, but I felt the need to put it in. 9 came from a video game first, she also likes Happy. 10 would be the kind of guy that wrote this post. He’s in mostly comedy’s. That was really good. You get to keep your card.

  2. Brother Jon,
    I’M uber geek. Watch out.
    1. Will Smith.
    2. Mark Hammill
    3. Jason Flemyng (in your face Weebles)
    4. Could be any of them, but out of respect, I’ll say Christopher Reeves.
    5. Sneaky you. see #1.
    6. Don’t remember her name.
    7. My wife’s favourite (not kidding) the brother of Virginia Madsen
    8. See answer #5 and #1
    9. No clue
    10. I don’t know his name.

    Oh, did I say Will Smith yet?
    Le Clown

    1. Yes. I think I could of made a list of just Will Smith, and way to go with Jason Flemyng. I could have used him a couple different times too.

      When I tried to find one for number 7 I was taken aback. He’s in the process of filming 12 movies.

      1. Brother Jon,
        I just googled the answer… The woman from Mortal Kombat was Jeri Ryan? You should have said Seven of Nine, naughty boy.
        Le Clown

              1. Brother Jon,
                It took a while for me to understand that I enjoyed her Borg character more than the actress. This has happened a few time. Notably with Emma Peel. I have tremendous respect for Diana Riggs, but her 60s character for me is the femme that I have grown to love. You see, now someone will read this, and think I have a thing for fictional character.
                Le Clown

                1. I hate to say that I never did watch Star Trek: Voyager. Those were my high school years and I never had any control over the remote.

                  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a “thing” for a fictional character. I always though Velma from Scooby-Doo was pretty hot.

                  1. Brother Jon,
                    Agreed. I made a post about this way back, where I did talk about fictional characters being more enticing than the actress, in my examples I had cited Emma Peel, House’s Thirteen, and my favourite, Joan Holloway from Mad Men.
                    Le Clown

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