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Monett Elders Quorum

How many Leavitts does it take to cut up and deliver a downed tree? Well, it turns out the answer is five – plus two missionaries and a few “adopted” Leavitts. Yesterday The Elder’s Quorum was able to get together and take care of a tree that had fallen on a member’s property, from a storm that came through a few weeks ago. The work started at around 9:30 am, with chain saws, splitting mauls, and a trailer to haul it with. Upon noticing the circumference of this tree our fearless leader decided to obtain a mechanical splitter, to help hurry along the work. Little did he know that some people don’t like waiting around that much. Before he got back the tree was cut, chopped, diced, split and loaded. Around noon the wood was dropped off to a needing member. The EQ Presidency would like to thank all those…

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