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Inappropriate Times

How often are you in a situation when an inappropriate joke comes to mind? It happens more often when you spend as much time as I do around my Church family. 

Tonight I attended my first Eagle Scout Court of Honor. It was a pretty epic night. Five young men earned this honor this time around. There are several things a Scout needs to do in order to deserve this award. We heard all five talk about their service projects and each on a certain topic, of their choosing. They spoke of such things like courage, honor, service, loyalty and cheerfulness. It’s amazing to see how far these guys have come, even in just the year that I’ve known them.

The ceremony was nice, with a couple very patriotic songs and even a place they called the “Eagles Den”. A less-active member came and sat in the Eagles Den, watching is bother receive this award. It was nice to see him. After they finished we were treated to ice cream cones and homemade cookies. I bet you’re wondering where the joke comes in, aren’t you? It happened early on so I had to get the rest out-of-the-way, and Tarantino the story.

I have joked a few times that the main reason for me going to this was for the free meal. I hope you all know that this is absolutely true only part of the reason. It did end up being a “Taco Bar”, which was very nice. The spread included homemade of all the following; tortillas, two different kinds of beef filling, re-fried beans, and of course all of the usual toppers, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, salsa, chips and so on. I got my plate fixed and headed over to the table, where I was the last to sit down.

Towards the end of my first plate the gentlemen I was sitting next to commented about the re-fried beans, and how he didn’t enjoy them for some reason. I think I was too busy stuffing my face to really hear what was going on. I looked over and his wife took a bite and commented about something, not sure what, but it appeared to be a joke. I looked at the beans and the thought came to my mind That looks like diaper fudge! I gave myself a double take, looked at them again and thought yep, diaper fudge…..after which I giggled to myself like a little school girl.

It’s moments like these that keep me happy. Just too bad I couldn’t blurt that out at dinner. I’m sure the kids would have loved it.

7 thoughts on “Inappropriate Times

  1. We would have laughed. He was wondering what the spice was that he didn’t recognize. I told him it was dish soap.

    Our biggest challenge with inappropriate jokes is that my brothers all call the BBQ chicken on skewers at Lai Lai “rat on a stick.” My kids think this is hilarious and when we go there, they are jumping up and down saying, “I want rat on a stick, I want rat on a stick.” I’m giggling and shushing them.

    1. I’m just now starting to get all my senses back so maybe I can help next time. Probably not, but maybe.

      Rat on a stick you say? In my circle this has always been called squirrel on a stick. Although my dad does call squirrels fury tailed rats, so I guess it’s the same difference.

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